Hello, April!

Happy Friday and hello April. Now I feel like we are officially in the spring season! I hope everyone had a great Easter. Speaking of Easter, here is a look at some of my favorites from this week.

1. Easter: we had a great time celebrating Jesus' resurrection and spending time as a family. The two little nuggets had so much fun but I think they were slightly overwhelmed. We kept the Easter baskets to a mini this year with a few treats, but with so many other family members getting the kids things, I feel like it turned into a mini Christmas. Since when did every holiday become over the top? We are appreciative of everyone thinking of them but sometimes it just ends up being a little much.

2. Treat yo self: ok, so it's fun shopping for the little nuggets but I came across a few things that I picked up for myself. Momma deserves a little something every now and then, right? Cue the attempted flat lay #flaylayallday. I found this cute little pouch at H&M that was calling out to me (similar here & here). I decided to give eos lip balm another shot. I used one before but wasn't the biggest fan. This one is coconut milk flavored and seems to be hydrating pretty well. Beauty blenders have been my bff's lately. I picked this one up at Marshall's, similar (here). These cute little nail files were perfect to throw in my purse and keep at my desk. I went with a lighter nail color and can't wait to get some sun on this skin so it will really pop. {Affiliate links indicated but products I either own or love!}

3. Library time: A has really been loving the library lately. This little moment just melted my heart when he was making up a story to read to I.

4. Carrot cake: if there's one thing I learned, it's that baking by yourself with a toddler is nearly impossible! 3 hours later, a trip to the grocery store for butter, and a stubborn little boy that decided taking a nap on the hallway floor was a much better option than his comfy bed, we finally had a carrot cake! While A napped I finally iced this bad boy and there was no way I was letting a picture slip by.

5. Good eating: I've been loving avocados lately and it makes me so happy that little nugget (I) has been gobbling them up. This recipe for a springtime cobb salad with some left over hard boiled Easter eggs is deliciousness on a plate.


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check out where I'm linking and join in on the Friday fun. 

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