Why I'm No Longer Feeling Guilty For Inconsistent Posting

Yes, you read that right. I realize I'm probably one of the only people going against the grain here, but hear me out. I'm clearly no blogging expert and if I was utilizing this space to build a brand or bring in an income then I'm sure my approach would be different. But I'm talking about why I don't feel guilty, anymore. And if there's anyone else out there similar to my blogging approach then hopefully we can relate. 

I learned a lot back in my beginning blogging days and I will still read a post about helpful tips to grow your blog etc, but some of them lately seem to be coming off kind of condescending. If I don't stop what I'm doing right now the little blogging community I've enjoyed connecting with will turn to salt, and crumble, and no longer exist. And if I don't change the amount of times I post a week then basically why am I even blogging? 

I enjoy my little space out here on the big old web. Would I like to devote more time to it? Sure. Is that always feasible? No. Juggling the ins and outs of everyday life, working a full time job, and having two small children is already enough to make your head spin at times. But when I do have time, I enjoy putting a post together, thinking of the idea for my next topic, and coordinating a picture to go along with it. 

I've fallen victim to feeling like I need to apologize if my readers haven't heard from me in a little while. Then I started thinking, why am I apologizing? I enjoy connecting with all of you but sometimes life happens. As if we don't have enough guilt from time to time with things in our everyday lives, why are we letting our little spaces that are supposed to be an outlet for us add to that? 
Would we all like to have a big following and companies that are sending us freebies and asking us to represent their brand, I'm guessing yes. But the reality of that is most bloggers who are at that level are doing this full time, and working extremely hard at it. They might have a production of people who are standing there with light reflectors to get that perfect shot or someone who comes in and does their hair and makeup so that outfit post will get repinned a bunch of times (nothing against fashion posts, I love a great outfit). Yes, that would be amazing but that's not my reality. And is that even a reality?

So if you're like me and you enjoy blogging but can't always post 3-4 times a week try not to feel guilty or that you have to apologize to us, because life happens. Post when it feels right. Post when you have the time, a great recipe, outfit, or want to document something in your life. Utilize your space for what works for you not what's going to impress someone else.

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