5 Ways To Incorporate Relaxation

Relaxation techniques

My husband and I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about relaxation. The thought of it was great and it was nice to have a conversation about it, but I realized in that moment, I felt like I didn't know what relaxation was anymore. And that sucks. 

Everyone's lives get busy at times and have a lot going on but it feels like ours has gone from zero to 50 in such a short amount of time. Add two kids into the mix and a whole lot of other stuff and what do you expect. 

I don't want to become someone who feels like there is no more me time or that everything has to be compromised because we are blessed with two little nuggets who have become our main focus. 

So here are some ways I have actively taken control of incorporating some relaxation into my life...

1. STRETCHING & BREATHING: I used to do a lot of deep breathing when I was pregnant. Every time I did the baby would move around so much more and I could really tell it made a difference. I try to take a few minutes every night to do some light stretching (mainly in front of the tv if I get a chance to watch a mindless reality show) and deep breathing. It always make feel calmer and more energized. 

2. AMBIANCE: I can block a lot out around me and don't get too worked up over small messes, but straightening up a space, lighting a good scented candle, sitting down with a cup of tea, and curling up with a blanket always puts me in a more relaxed mood. And yes, I still love using throw blankets and having a cup of tea even over the summer. 

3. WALK IT OFF: we've always been a big walking family and try to go several times a week. Now that the weather is nicer we are definitely going to be getting back into the routine of family walks. A little fresh air, change of scenery, and getting my body in motion makes a difference

4. BRIGHTEN UP YOUR SPACE: it's not every day I get to frolic around in a bed of flowers like the pictures above, but if you follow my instagram (@beautifully_candid) you'd see that flowers are my jam. There's just something about these beauties that put me in a better mood. I try to have some sort of fresh flowers in a mason jar around my house each week to add a bright and cheery look to my space.

5. LEAVE THE TO-DO LIST BEHIND: this isn't always an easy one but when I'm able to do it I feel so much better and more relaxed! Sometimes we could all stand to leave the to-do list behind and enjoy the moment. That also goes for me putting my phone down and taking some time to disconnect. When I forget about everyone else's status updates or get lost in an article I am so much more appreciative of what's going on around me.

What are some ways you like to relax, and do you feel you get enough time to relax?

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