Hello, Friday! If I've ever been glad to see you, it's today. This was one of the longest and most trying weeks I can remember in a long time. In case you missed it, we moved. I've been swimming in boxes and trying to keep everyone safe in a semi construction zone. I just keep telling myself this is only temporary and it will all work out. On top of everything else both little nuggets got sick and my husband and I had to take turns staying home with them. In a weird way this week was crazy adventurous but also not really much going on. That probably doesn't make any sense but it's Friday, so I think I get a pass for living through a week like we had :)

1. So long 763: ok, broken record here, it's no secret that the big highlight of our week was moving. If you missed my post I elaborated on my feelings and insecurities and our real estate journey. These two nuggets enjoyed playing more in the boxes than helping, but who can blame them.

2. Easy food: since our kitchen is still under renovation we've been eating a lot of rotisserie chickens and grilling. This simple hummus and chicken wrap has been my go to and mainly what I've been packing for lunch from the leftovers.

3. Teachers gifts: since I barely have time to breath anymore I've definitely slacked with coming up with something creative for the kids teachers. I will be referring to my old post with print outs and giving them all a nice bouquet of flowers. I figured you can't go wrong with flowers.

3. Memorial Day cocktail: I needed a cocktail and a palm tree like yesterday. We will actually be away for Memorial Day and any other time we've gone out of the country there isn't a whole lot of red, white, and blue being sported. But, this simple Berry Moscato Sangria looks delish and will be prefect for our weekend celebrations.

5. Toddler beach wear: our vacation can't come fast enough. It's kind of all I've been thinking about. Envisioning the sun, the sand, and beautiful scenery. I shared my vacation beach wear looks but with two little guys who will be traveling with us, it's only right they arrive in style too. I basically hit the jackpot at Old Navy and these are only some of my favorites that I got them.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Check out where I am linking and join in on the Friday fun! 

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