Happy Friday

Hello, Friday, I'm glad we meet again. This was an interesting week that included trying out our first box of Hello Fresh (not sure if we're going to stick with it or not), a morning of all of us oversleeping, summer camp starting for the nuggets, and our dog coaty darting after a deer and giving me a big scare. Those aren't even my favorites so let's get into some other fun that happened...

1. Blueberries: we've been enjoying the berries we picked with just about anything that makes sense to include them. I even blended some up and mixed them in with I's apple sauce. His little lips kept smacking for more after every spoonful. If you missed my post about our little picking adventure you can read more {here}.  

2. Boys will be boys: even though A is only 2 and a half this kid has proved to me that he is fearless, fierce, and determined. Anything bug, animal, or things that would creep me out related, of course he wants to explore. If you caught my instagram (@beautifully_candid) you might have seen that his goal was to catch a frog. And that he sure did. I was so surprised that that little frog stayed in his hands while I had time to run and get my camera. He was so gentle that Mr. froggy must have sensed he was in good hands.

3. Beehive: in other nature news, we have a huge beehive in one of our trees. This thing is insane looking. Now, it's not everyday I go walking around looking at beehives but this seemed pretty intricate and bigger than I would have thought. I'm in the process of calling around to beekeepers to see if anyone wants or knows how to come and remove it, but still preserve it and not harm the bees. I know there is a shortage of them and as much I don't want us or anyone else to get stung, I don't want to see this masterpiece go to waste.

4. Friends and food: I was so happy to catch up with some of my really good friends over the weekend. It was long overdue and much needed. We are all so busy anymore and don't live right around the corner, so unfortunately getting together isn't always easy. It's always great to share some laughs, good food, and kid free time. I mean look at this delicious flatbread that I indulged in and reluctantly shared a piece with Eric.

5. Father's Day: I'm really looking forward to this weekend because we'll be spending Father's Day down the shore. It's a little tradition was started a few years back that always turns out to be the perfect celebration. This is an extra special Father's Day for Eric because it's his first as a father of two. I know I brag about him from time to time on here but he truly is one of my greatest blessings. I couldn't have asked for a better father for my two boys. A big Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Check out where I'm linking and join in on the Friday fun!

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