How To Enjoy Your Vacation On A Rainy Day

On our recent family vacation to the Dominican {read more about it here} we got caught in a 20 minute downpour and had an afternoon washout. With two kids and the anticipation of a beach vacation we did what we always try to do best and enjoyed our time anyway.

We actually got pretty luck because the week before we left they were calling for rain every day. Thankfully that didn't happen.

Here's how we still enjoyed the rain...

1. Embrace It: if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can't control the weather. Sure we can all do a rain dance, pray for those clouds to roll on out of there, but if that doesn't happen, why stress over it. Once we accepted it wasn't going to be a perfect beach day we took advantage of exploring and admiring the beauty of it.

2. Room Service & Relaxing: I don't know many of us that have the luxury of staying in bed most mornings and far and few between who enjoy breakfast in bed (if that's you, good for you!) But for the rest of us, taking advantage of ordering room service and staying cozy can feel like a million bucks. What better time to do that than on a rainy morning.

3. Spa Day: If you aren't in to staying in bed, then get on out there and enjoy a spa day. Most resorts or vacation areas have a spa near by that make for a perfect rainy afternoon.

4. You're Going To Get Wet Anyway, Beach It: ok, I hear you, not all of us can lay in bed or even take advantage of a spa day, if you're one of those that fall into the active kids category, then read on. Our nuggets were hooked on making sandcastles, so when the sky didn't look so promising we decided to venture out anyway. We were already in our bathing suits so if it started raining, what's the big deal? We ended up having a dance party in the rain and it was one of our favorite afternoons.

5. Kids Club: our resort had a kids club with different activities. This was the perfect time to take full advantage. The kids enjoyed the new atmosphere and got some energy out too.

6. Lobby Fun: most people on vacation are in the same boat as you. Who actually says, I booked a beach vacation and I hope it rains. That would just be absurd. You can find a lot of people enjoying a cocktail in the lobby, taking advantage of wifi, and actually talking and getting to know each other from different parts of the world.

7. Photography: if your a momarazzi wanna be photographer who's best accessory is her DSLR (wow, that sounds pretty serious, ok, I promise I'm not that bad) but I do love the chance to take some good pictures. You better believe that I took full advantage of capturing some not so typical pictures. It was great to just focus on fun moments, landscape, and things you don't get to see everyday. And some of these turned out to be my favorite pictures from our trip.

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