Laundry, We Just Don't Get Along

Here's a thought for Thursday, laundry. Yup, real exciting topic over here today, I know. It's just one of those things that I can't motivate myself to do. 

We kind of have this love hate relationship because I need clean clothes but can't bring myself to follow through until the end. We've tried to work it out but there's irreconcilable differences. It basically goes like this...

The laundry basket(s) is overflowing. It needs to get taken down stairs into the basement and put in the washer. But it's the basement, which seems so far away (not really but it makes me feel better saying that). 

We used to be fine at least making it down there but even that seems exhausting thinking about it. I now try to tell Eric that I really need him to carry it because I might break my neck going down the steps, or it's too heavy for me and I'm too short to see over the pile (he's a foot taller than me so sometimes that works).  

Once it's finally down there sorting seems less than exciting. It usually results in me combining both our clothes and the kids clothes and any and all colors that look like they won't do damage to each other. Ok, washer on we're in business. 

But now, the dryer...dun-dun-dunnnn. It would seem like the hard part is over but when you retreat back upstairs to play with the kids or tend to whatever craziness is going on, getting back down to load them in usually gets put off. 

I try to pawn it off on Eric but let's be honest with ourselves over here, neither one of us are laundry enthusiasts. We usually look at each other waiting for the other one to break and say, ok I'll go down and do it. Nine times out of ten my main man comes to the rescue and steps up to the plate. 

It gets worse after that though (insert monkey emoji covering eyes). We do the same thing when it comes time to bringing them up out of the dryer. And don't even get me started on folding and putting them away. That usually results in the clean clothes staying in the basket and us picking things out that we need until we get to the bottom and it's time to fight this whole vicious cycle again. 

We probably sound like such a weird couple (that probably wouldn't be too far off), but I'm going out on a limb here and hoping we aren't the only ones like this. 

My mother-in law on the other hand, enjoys doing laundry. I don't get it. It's her thing. Maybe it's therapeutic. She's got a whole system down that works for her and I admire her dearly for it. She knows that we aren't on our laundry game so when she comes over she asks me what needs folded or what needs done and goes to town. 

I've even considered hiring someone to do our laundry. Sad to admit but true. 

So that's my take on laundry. Anyone else out there with me or am I on an island all alone? (ahh, I wish I was still on an island, not a laundry island though).

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