We're Back and Relaxed

When your husband snaps a pic of you and you kind of like your beach hair...#lionmane 

Just a couple of Monkeys hanging out on the beach
It wouldn't have been a first beach experience without tasting sand
When you get caught in a downpour you dance in the rain
The prettiest gutter I've ever seen

Hola mi amigos! We are back from our much needed vacation and I have to say I'm really sad being back to reality. Can I just go on a vacation once a month? I mean why not, right? 

This is basically picture overload at its finest, but what good is a vacation post without a snap shot of all of the highlights! 

To my surprise the nuggets were really good on the plane. I was pretty much prepared for a disaster but some snacks and new little trinkets kept them occupied. 

We stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa in the Dominican on Bavaro Beach and overall it exceeded our expectations. We made the decision to stay at a very family friendly resort because we realize the boys are only going to be young for a short amount of time so why not embrace it and have fun with them. 

We also figured that if they're happy on vacation we would be happy on vacation. Mission accomplished! 

The resort was huge and almost like its own little town. There were three resorts which we also had access to, shops, entertainment, multiple pools, and the beach.  

The resort had a bunch of activities for kids including a water park, popsicle bar, bounce houses and slides on certain days, mini-golf, trampolines, you name it. Maybe we are little biased because this was our first real family friendly vacation but at this point we would definitely consider going back.

It also happened to be Dominican Mother's Day while I was there so I got to celebrate all over again. The workers pushed the stroller around for me, handed out roses, and had a special banquet. It was such a nice little surprise.

One of the slight downfalls about the resort was the beach is located towards the back of the properties. The way they are positioned there are no real beach front rooms and it is a little bit of a walk to get there. The great thing was they had these golf cart trolleys that came every few minutes to take you around, so getting to the beach was easy. It was also bonus points because A thought he was on Daniel Tiger's trolley the whole trip.

Overall the food and drinks at the resort were great. I feel like all inclusive food can be a hit or miss but we sure didn't go hungry here. The great thing too was in addition to eating at the a la carte restaurants the buffet food changed every night so you didn't get tired of it. More bonus points, they had their own kids mini buffet section with kid friendly food.

The week before we were leaving the weather report was calling for a 90% chance of rain everyday. Everyday! Great, what am I going to do on a resort in the rain with two little nuggets (I'm working on a post for that) but thankfully for the most part the weather worked in our favor. We got caught in a 20 minute downpour the one day, it did rain one of the afternoons, and rained every night but not until we went to bed so who cared at that point. Other than that we had beautiful skies and plenty of sunshine.

Well such is life and back to reality. I feel truly blessed that we have the opportunities to travel with the boys, and even more special to be able to explore and enjoy the beautiful works that God has created.

We have some other fun things planned over the summer, including a trip to Disney, so for now I will just keep on looking forward to our next adventures.

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