A Big Yass For Friday

Happy Friday! I hope this week treated you well. There was a lot of anticipation for me this week so it was slow but fast at the same time. Weird how it works out that way.

Anyway, my gorgeous sister and I are in Chicago for a fun filled long weekend while visiting our brother. He has some great things planned for us that we're already enjoying. You can catch a sneak peek into my trip on instagram.

Before we hit the streets to explore, here are some of my favorites from this week.

1. Pool time: we braved the heatwave by splashing around in the pool and making sure we stayed cool. If you've been reading along then you know the beach is our sweet spot in the summer. With these high tempertures we thought it was even too hot for the shore, so the pool it was. And getting in some Aunt Faith time is always the best time.

The heat actually played into my favor because the nuggets tired out so quickly and both took amazing long naps. I was able to actually swim around, relax, and spend time with my sister. Can't you tell how excited I was? Oh, and a cute pool float is always a must.

2.Watermelon: it was a watermelon kind of weekend for us. If I would have known how much those little nuggets were going to gobble it up I would have bought so much more. Needless to say it has become a summer favorite.

3. Farm fair: while visiting our family we realized the county farm fair was going on and decided on a whim to stop by. This brought back a lot of memories for Eric and I since we used to go together back in the day. I'm talking like high school days now. Since we moved out of the area we hadn't been back in years. It was so nice to share the experience with the nuggets. As you can see they loved it and A was having a blast riding "his" horse. 

4. Come again?: in case you missed it I shared some things I never thought I would say or do as a Mom. The nuggets always keep us on our toes and sure have us laughing with what comes out of all of our mouths. Check it out {here}.

5. Travel: since my week wasn't that eventful and traveling is taking my priority right now. I'll leave you with what I packed in my carry on {here}.  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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