Friday Favorites-4th of July Recap

Happy Friday everyone! I don't know about you but I was loving this short work week. My days were definitely thrown off though. Anyone else? I almost sent the wrong nugget to camp in a swimsuit thinking it was Monday for water play, I almost forgot to do this post because I thought I had an extra day, but it's Friday and I think I'm back on track now. Here are my favorites from our 4th of July fun. 

1. Beach life: it's no secret around here that we are a beach loving family. We've talked about getting a place and living down the shore for the summer before the kids get too big. Slight problem though, that would involve quitting our jobs or switching professions (dear younger me, why did you never consider teaching?!?!) or hitting the lottery. None are impossible, just not feasible. So for now, we're enjoying the weekends we spend there.

Little nugget (we refer to him as I) was so excited when we started yelling and clapping when he repeated the word "shell!" It's official, he's the cutest little sand crab ever.

2. Mommy time: if you caught my instagram (@beautifully_candid) you might have seen that I got to share some special mommy moments with my older nugget, A. I wish we were still on the boardwalk blowing pinwheels, playing games, and eating ice cream way before lunch time. You can read more about our special time {here}.

3. Get in my belly: I'm sure everyone over indulged in all things tasty and we were no exception to the rule. I think one of my favorites had to be our fresh caught crabs we got down at the bay. And side note, I's practice birthday party was a success. A hasn't asked about any type of party since. I think he just really wanted an excuse for cupcakes.

4. Down by the bay: speaking of the bay even Coaty joined in on the fun. He was in his glory swimming around and running on the dock. He also does this really weird thing where he basically head dives into the sand and rolls around.

The nuggets enjoyed playing on the playground and at least I got one pic of them looking in the same direction.

5. Sunset: the weather for the most part was pretty perfect, and to top it all off there were the prettiest sunsets over the bay each night.

It was a last minute decision to watch fireworks because we weren't sure how A was going to do. Well wouldn't you know, when we were watching the sunset he saw a few go off in the distance and started throwing a tantrum because he couldn't hear the big booms. Luckily they were scheduled to set them off not too far from us so we jumped in the car to catch them. He was in awe the first 10 minutes and then asked for me to sit in the car and watch them with him. We opened the moon roof, turned on the radio, danced in the car, and still had a perfect view of the show.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Here's were you can find me linking

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