Hello, July!

Happy Friday and Hello, July! Wow, I really don't know where June went but here we are. I love that July has 5 weekends, I always feel like I accomplish more. We're looking forward to the long weekend (who isn't) and diving in to all of the 4th of July festivities. We had a little leak problem over at our humble abode this week that is thankfully taken care of now, I'll share more about that next week. Here's a peek into some of our favorites, the leak didn't make the list.

1. State fair: this was our first time visiting the state fair and I have to say it exceeded our expectations. We really weren't sure what we were getting into. You always hear about the Iowa state fair or the Ohio state fair, but New Jersey, what do we know about fairs? Apparently a little something. A loved the pig races, seeing the animals, riding the ferris wheel (more than once) and eating all things he normally wouldn't #turkeylegfordays.

We let them stay up a little past their bedtime, brought along their PJ's, and changed them before heading home. We succeeded at carrying our little guys right into bed. Woop woop! Needless to say, I think this will become a summer time family tradition.

2. Car show: another summer time enjoyment is catching a local car show. We don't go as often as we used to but they're fun to see here and there. Side note, Eric used to really be into cars when we were in high school. He had a few that I enjoyed riding in and felt cool with the windows down and system playing. Haha, the good old days.

I tried to get a pic with A in front of one of the cars but all he wanted to do was touch them. To avoid the owners getting ticked off and messing up these antique beauties, we just stepped away. #picturefail.

3. Closet: I am loving my closet that Eric finished up for me! If you saw the size of my old closet you would laugh. I still don't understand how I made it work, but I did. For now, I will gladly enjoy the space in this one. I'm thinking of doing a closet clean out soon. This wasn't smart on my end, because why didn't I do it before I moved everything in there?!? Womp womp.

4. Straws: I know what you're probably thinking straws? Lame. Ok, maybe it is a little, but come on guys, how cute are these? And you know where they're from? Target. Darn you Target dollar spot, you get me every time. I just couldn't pass these up. And we may or may not be throwing I a fake birthday party this weekend that these could be cute for. I'll explain...

I started getting decorations for I's first birthday and A happened to come across the bag. He asked me what it was and without thinking I said, oh that's for I's birthday party. It all went down hill from there, A screamed PARTY!!!  Uh oh, now I'm in for it. He asked if the party was tomorrow, I said no, not until August. We showed him a calendar, but at this point he's still working on the concept of time. So what do you know, every morning he's popped into our room bright and early asking if today is the party. I can't deal with this for the next month and a half. So our 4th of July celebration is really going to be a fake birthday party. I kind of thought it was genius.

5. Sangria: I came across this Sangria recipe {here} and it just looks too refreshing and too perfect not to share. I'm hoping to be sipping on some of this over the weekend.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 4th of July weekend filled with lots of fun, sun, and good food. Enjoy the long weekend!

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