Mother and Son Boardwalk Fun

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. I'll be incorporating all of the fun we celebrated into my Friday favorites. For now, I just had to share these sweet moments my hubby captured of my older nugget and I.

Ever since A became a big brother sharing special moments with just him have been far and few between. Of course we love having two nuggets and barely remember how life was with just one, but we feel it's also so important to have special moments with each of them separately. Some of my best memories are the ones where I got to go out and do something special with just my mom and dad.

We were already down the shore for the weekend and planned to venture off to the boardwalk pretty early so it wouldn't be so crowded.

We strolled down the wooden planks many of which have been replaced because of hurricane Sandy.  

Something caught A's eye so we stopped. It was a claw machine that he asked if we could play and was so excited by my response, sure let's do it! A quick high five and off he went. We learned the hard way before, but thankful realized, a play till you win machine is the best option with kids. He was so happy when he grabbed that little ball and won.

Since it was earlier in the day not all of the booths were open just yet, but the colorful pull down walls made for some great picture taking. Of course, I had to take advantage of this! I was loving my new Old Navy dress anyway so why not show it off a little. This chambray dress was the perfect light and airy option to wear on a warm day. I especially love the raw hem detail at the bottom that just gives it a little something extra. The bottom of A's shorts also had the same look.

Remember my Friday Favorites post?  Well those silly little pinwheel straws I picked up happened to be a hit. A has taken one with him everywhere. He even had to bring it into camp this week to show his best friend. After our pinwheel blowing fun he spotted ice cream and we were off again. It may or may not have only been like 10am. It's never too early for ice cream, right?

I love a good soft serve but it melts so fast! To avoid a melt down (haha literally), we took off A's shirt before those jimmies, sprinkles, tomato, tomato' (whatever you call them) bled and left their mark. 

After finishing our cones he spotted a balloon game that involved throwing darts to pop them. Hmm, not the best idea with a 2 and 1/2 year old. Luckily he had no interest in the darts and only wanted a balloon #thatsdarling.

I'm so thankful to be able to share moments like this and even more rewarding to see the excitement shine through his eyes. I'm already looking forward to our next family adventures. 

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