Printed Shorts With Lace Detail

I feel like I'm at a weird age where things that I used to wear I just don't feel as comfortable in them anymore. Like shorts. I have a hard time finding shorts that fit me well and then factor in the appropriate length and that's a whole other headache.  

I found these shorts online {here} and was skeptical to try them out at first. Mainly because they weren't jean shorts. You know, with jean shorts you could practically wear the same pair all week and feel like maybe no one would notice, maybe.

I wasn't sure how often I could pull off a pair of printed ones. But that's what really attracted me to them, along with the lace detail at the bottom which I love. Fortunately, I liked them even better in person which is why you are seeing pics of me in them. 

I don't do fashion posts very often, maybe I'll start, who knows. And let's be honest here, it's not every day I go and walk my dog looking like this. I was feeling my outfit and asked the hubs if he could snap a few pics of me (he's such a trooper dealing with my crazy requests). 

Coaty saw us getting ready and was wagging his tail, correction, shaking his whole body back and forth thinking he was going to come along. I didn't have the heart to tell him no. Let's face it, he's the real star of these pics. 

The nuggets decided they wanted to go for a walk so we made it a family affair. Talk about mom blogger multi-tasking there. 

Anyway, I'm kind of feeling the printed shorts look and also picked up {these} from off 5th over the weekend for only $19! They have an elastic waste which make them super comfy.

I really wanted to love {these} but they just weren't doing it for me. We all know the pom look is really in so I was ready to jump on that bandwagon. Except it won't be with these. I ordered them in both a medium and a small. The small fit me in the waste but the bottom was sooo baggy. It basically looked like a belled out skirt on me and I felt really frumpy. It was so flowy that one big gust of wind and there's no doubt someone would be seeing cheeks. And I'm not talking about the ones on my face (insert monkey emoji covering eyes). Tmi? Yes. But, I always appreciate an honest post and I know if it's similar to my body shape then I know what to look out for. Not everything we order off line fits so perfect. My husband and I cracked a few jokes about them and knew they were going back. Better luck to the next person. 

So what about you like printed shorts and do you own a pair?

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