What I'm Packing In My Carry On

There's something so exciting about a long weekend for me. I basically feel like a kid on Christmas. I know, that might be a little dramatic but I love traveling. I have two long weekends coming up that I'm really looking forward to. You can share in my excitement and follow along on my instagram for a peek into my trips.

Since I used to travel often for work I became pretty strategic about packing and fitting my necessities into a carry on, plus my carry on bag, which would then allow me to avoid checking a bag. My classic Tory Burch Ella Tote has always been my go to carry on bag. I find that I can fit a good amount of stuff in there and then always have the option to use it as a tote for exploring the city I'm in.

My travel outfit is usually something comfortable yet stylish and destination appropriate since I don't always travel to the same time zone or climate. Because of this I might dress in layers.

Confession coming on here, three years ago when Eric and I went on our baby moon we happened to run into the Jonas brothers in the airport. We left on a major holiday so the airport was empty (best time to travel in my opinion). Well wouldn't you know, not only did they happen to be in the same airport but were on the same flight and we saw them multiple times on our trip! They were so nice and let me take a pic with them, congratulated me on my pregnancy, and even Kevin's wife came over and said congratulations. Why do I bring all of this up? Because it was the one time (of course, how do things always happen like that) I felt frumpy and could have planned something better to wear.

I'm sure being 5 months pregnant also had something to do with it, but after that I put a little more thought into my travel attire. You just really never know who you are going to meet. Unless you really don't mind or care then by all means wear what works for you. Like for me, my espadrilles are a must for travel. They're super comfy and great for walking around the airport.

Since these next two trips are going to be kid free my carry on will be much different than if I were traveling with the nuggets. You can read more about my travel with them {here and here}.

So what's in my carry on bag? I'm referring to the one that goes right under my seat not in overhead storage.

Aside from my everyday essentials, you know, makeup, toiletries, footwear, clothes, etc, I'll be packing...

Snacks, I usually enjoy mixed nuts or a granola bar
My dslr camera, extra lens, and charger
Socks, my feet always get cold on a plane
Notebook and pen, you know for those blog post ideas that pop in your head
A magazine and book
My cell phone charger
A hair tie
Hand sanitizer

What are some things you like to pack in your carry on?

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