Friday Favorites

Hello, Friday! No matter how you slice it Friday is a beautifully thing. Lucky for me, my Wednesday felt like a Friday, well at least at work it did.

If you saw my instagram then you might already know that Eric and I are in California. This is our first trip where both of us are away from the nuggets. We miss them like crazy but know they are having the time of their life getting spoiled by my in-laws. We always love visiting Cali and seeing our family and friends! And don't worry, I've already been on picture overload and look forward to sharing more.

Before I go admire some more of this beautiful scenery here are some of my favorites from the week...

1. Pool time: it's hard to believe the summer is almost over. Well not officially, I'm a firm believer in enjoying summer well into mid September. I hate rushing the seasons, even though fall is a wonderful thing. Anyway, we got some pool time in and my brother snapped this pic of little nugget and I. I could seriously just eat him up!

2. Nautical party: in case you missed it, we celebrated little nuggets first birthday. I was really happy with how everything turned out for his nautical themed party. You can read more about it {here}.

3. Kid snack ideas: so I might have gotten myself into a little bit of a situation. You see those starfish pb&j sandwiches above? Well, I just had to go and try to be cute at I's party and now what does A ask for? Oh yes, starfish pb&j. 

I love that he gets excited about it and enjoys eating it, but let's be honest, I don't always have time to make his food into some awesome creature that gets his taste buds all hyped up. Little does he know, it all tastes the same. I got to thinking (I do that from time to time) what else could I get him to eat if it looked cute. Thankfully I came across this list from one little project. There are definitely a few that I will be trying out.

4. NYX in the mix: unrelated to the makeup I'm about to talk about, when I wrote that out it brought me back to my college days when there was this DJ, Nix In The Mix, that was always at our greek life events. If you're in the NJ tri-state area you might know who I'm talking about. Ok, so let's talk makeup!

I was really worried about looking like a greasy hot mess for I's birthday party. My sister always says great things about NYX cosmetics so I decided to try out their HD Finishing Powder. I have to say I am really happy with how it held up and gave my face more of a smoother matte look than shiny. My only regret is not getting this sooner.

I also heard great things about their concealer wand and after a few stubborn breakouts this was a life saver and made me feel more confident.

5. Let's tote it: you might remember me bringing up these totes I got for my sister and I before our trip to Chicago. Well mine made it's way to Cali with me and it's really the perfect little bag to bring along on a trip. It seriously folds up into this little pouch that makes throwing it in another bag so easy and doesn't interfere with packing. I brought it kayaking with me, the beach, where ever. I don't feel guilty bringing multiple bags with me because it really takes up no room in my luggage.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Check out where I'm linking and join in on the fun.

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