Nautical First Birthday Party

Just like that it came and went, our little nugget is now over a year old. The days sure aren't slowing down for anyone. 

Aside from the crazy heatwave we have going on in the North East his party was a huge success. Of course I forgot to take a few pictures with family and friends, and you thought I would have learned and taken my own advice from A's first birthday party. Next time, I swear, I'm making that checklist of pictures I'd like to take. Once a party starts for us it's hard for me to remember these little details, which is why I took a lot of these before guests came over. 

I had a lot of fun with this theme. Anyone who knows me knows I'm just not into the really little kiddish kiddie parties. That probably didn't make any sense. Basically until my little nuggets are asking me for specific themes and characters to be displayed, I really try to keep it more kid chic. I'll be leaving the superheros and pony rides for when they can remember.

Since I is an August baby, and my Dad has a pool, we thought a nautical pool party would work out just perfect. I tried to keep majority of the decor to white and blue which was a lot harder than I thought. Everything I was coming across was red, white, and blue which just felt more patriotic to me. Let's just say that white spray paint was my best friend for a week.

My sister made his smash cake and I loved how it turned out. She does such a great job with things and it was even more special because Aunt Faith made it. I was really happy with how everything turned out and all pulled together. Even more important is that little nugget had fun. I'm sure he didn't really know what was going on but seeing him and his brother and their little friends smile is what made this party a success. My Dad's deck might be covered in colored sand from them doing sand art, and the hose in the pool filling it up a bit because of all of the splashing, but that's the fun stuff. 

You can have the best decor, the best food, and everything over the top, but if the smiles and laughter aren't there then it doesn't mean much. Here's to one amazing year and a lifetime of parties and memories to come!

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