Bronx Zoo Birthday Fun

I know I mentioned I wasn't really into my birthday this year but so far the happiness I see on my little nuggets faces has put in more of a celebratory mood. 

Even though my birthday is today we decided to have an early celebration yesterday at the Bronx Zoo. No shame here, it's free on Wednesdays, and with today's rainy weather, yesterday just made more sense. 

Whenever the word birthday is involved A immediately associates it with cake and party hats. So cake and party hats we packed. We actually packed a whole picnic lunch with us. We found this great little spot across from where the giraffes are, laid out our blanket, enjoyed the scenery, and shooed away several bees. 

The nuggets loved seeing all of the animals and especially loved riding that carousel. I's little face lit up as soon as he sat on that caterpillar looking thing (the carousel was bug themed). 

After our zoo adventures the nuggets were fast asleep pretty much before we left the parking lot. My sister came up and took me out to dinner which was the perfect way to end the day. 

I'm celebrating with friends next weekend at a diner en blanc event, which I am really excited about! And as long as I don't have to cook today, I'll be one happy girl! 

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