Friday Favorites-End of Summer But Not Just Yet

Hello, Friday! And a long weekend at that. I'm sure we're all probably thinking the same thing, how in the world did we get to Labor Day weekend already?! I wish I knew, my friends. 

I know everyone basically associates Labor Day with the end of summer but I'm not one to short change this season, so I'll still be trying to squeeze in another beach day and enjoy the bright sunshine until the calendar officially says it's over. But potato potatoes, fall is another one of my favorite seasons so I'm also looking forward to all that fun too. Just not winter. No, winter and I don't really get along. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from this week...

1. Beach days: Oh, surprise surprise, the beach made my number one for about the 12th time this summer. I can't help it, it's my happy place, and something I'm really going to miss. I love that my nuggets love it too. We're that goofy family rocking captain hats, burying our kids in the sand (head above of course!!) jumping waves, digging for sand crabs, and thinking we're the best shell and seaglass finders around. I am cracking up at I's face looking at A like, brother you are cray cray.

2. Ice Cream: Oh yummy ice cream! There's just something about ice cream in the summer. I'm convinced it tastes better. We all enjoyed a sweet treat and then headed down to the bay to catch the sunset. My sister snapped some cute pics of me and the nuggets watching the boats from the dock.

3. Lobster time: the nuggets were on such a beach kick that when we came home and went grocery shopping they caught sight of the the lobster tank and had to check them out. They happened to be running a special on them, so lobster night it was. What can I say, my nuggets already have great taste. And here we go again with I's face! I'm dying with his expressions, look at him giving that lobster the stank eye.

4. Birthday fun: if you remember from last weeks favorites, I wasn't overly thrilled about my birthday. But, we took the kids to the Bronx Zoo {read more about that here} to celebrate, and after seeing their smiles and hearing Happy Birthday Momma, it really did melt my heart. Family is what it's all about and their happiness is the greatest gift I could have ever gotten. I truly am very blessed.

I'm happy to say my wish for no cooking came true. Eric got a sitter and took me out for a great birthday dinner. I think I might even still be stuffed. I have some more celebrating to do next weekend when I met up with friends for a diner en blanc event.

5. Packing vibes: holy Mickey Mouse! This time packing has been a little different than some of our other trips, but I have to say I'm really excited about this one! We are headed to Disney this weekend for our last family trip of the summer. A doesn't know yet and we'll be surprising him with a cute little announcement when we get home from work. I'm not sure he actually knows what Disney is because he thinks Mickey Mouse lives in his clubhouse. Follow along on my instagram to catch some of the fun.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend filled with lots of laughter and fun! Check out some of these awesome bloggers that I'm linking with for more Friday favorite fun. 

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