Stay White Jeans With Navy Colored Top

Ok, so it might be after Labor Day (just barely) and I don't know about you but I'm not ready to turn in my white jeans just yet.

Who ever made up that no white after Labor Day thing anyway? Most people think I'm crazy for even entertaining the idea of white jeans with two little sticky fingered nuggets, but little do they know {these} jeans have stay white denim technology. Denim technology? I asked myself the same thing.

Well this technology really does live up to its name. I've worn these many times and they are still just as white as when I got them. Whatever they got going on that repels spills and stains is some kind of genius. They seem to run true to size so I am wearing a size 4 in petites.

I recently came across {this} hi-lo shirt in navy (they have two other colors, but hurry limited inventory) and while I love the color navy, especially for fall, I wasn't sure if I would look drowned out in a longer shirt since I'm on the shorter side. The price sucked me in (too good to pass up) and I figured worst case scenario I just end up returning it. I was glad I went for it because I really like this top, especially with these jeans.

I recently wore {these} heels to a wedding and after finding they were quite comfortable I knew they would complete this look. The best part is every time I wear them people ask me if they're the Vince Camuto gladiator heels? Their shock is pretty entertaining when I tell them, nope, Target.


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