Bathroom Renovation Reveal

soaker tub

They always say kitchens and baths sell houses and in most cases where people are looking for a move-in ready home it's very true. But, when you're looking for an investment opportunity then you know if you can redo a bathroom and kitchen within your budget that's where you'll see a nice return.  

We've gotten our feet wet with renovating a few bathrooms and kitchens in our day and each one is more unique than the last. I have to say though, this one is my favorite so far. Maybe it's also the fact we are using it for the time being so I have more of a personal connection with it, but whatever the case is I just love how it turned out. 

We kept is very classic and even on the simpler side. When doing renovations we try to keep in mind things that will appeal to a large audience and not necessarily just what we would like. We've also come to learn that sometimes the simpler the better. When you get carried away with too many busy patterns or designs you can start to lose people. We also try to keep in mind trends that won't date themselves in a few years. Since some of our properties are rentals we don't want to have to keep doing updates every time a trend goes out of style. 

What I fell in love with in this bathroom was the tub. I've always wanted a soaking tub so when this house had one we knew it was an added bonus. You can see from the before picture this bathroom needed some help. We ended up gutting it and only leaving the tub which is still the focal point of this bathroom. A little refinish and reglazing brought this beauty back to life.

For the rest of the bathroom we went with a classic white subway tile for the bottom part of the walls with a pop of color on the upper. We took out the single sink and replaced it with a double vanity since there was more than enough space. Adding in extra functionality is always a plus. We went with a classic hexagon gray floor tile that also pulls from the darker charcoal color from the vanity. 

For the decor I knew I wanted a ladder towel rack with shelving and {this} find was a perfect fit. We added the double mirrors behind the vanity that also makes the space feel larger. We decided on a mini chandelier as one of the lighting fixtures that gives this space a feminine feel without being over the top. Lighting fixtures can also be easily switched out if need be. Overall I'm really happy with how this bathroom reno came out. Having a good time with the nuggets while giving them a bath in the "fun" tub makes this space even better. 

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