Fall Family Hike

I usually don't get a chance to post on Monday's but this weekend wasn't the usual crazy running around where you blink and it's basically over. We enjoyed an afternoon family hike that was very peaceful (even with two nuggets and a dog) that I just couldn't pass up sharing. 

Eric and I have been coming to Garret Mountain since before we even got engaged. There's just something about this place. It has great trails, an equestrian center, and those views! If you hike to certain spots there are amazing views of the NYC skyline. 

If you haven't noticed, we love traditions, so continuing to come here with the nuggets is something we hope to be able to do for years to come. Our fur baby Coaty has been apart of this tradition for the past seven years and I swear he smiles the whole time we're there.

Once we got to our favorite look out spot we had a little picnic for the boys with some snacks and enjoyed looking out at the beautiful views. Of course we were extra careful with everyone on the rocks because there are no rails or barriers. Little nugget was snug in our hiking backpack and A was such a good listener and thankfully had no interest in getting close to the edge. 

The only slight disappointment was the leaves really haven't changed yet so the sights of fall foliage weren't really there. Oh well, looks like we will just have to come back. If you haven't had a chance to enjoy a fall hike (or just a pretty walk) I would encourage you to try to make it happen. It's such a relaxing thing.

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