Friday...My Happy Day

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. I'm especially happy about this Friday and really for the whole weekend since my brother is flying in from Chicago. It's always the best time when we can all get together. I haven't seen him since my sister and I went out there over the summer (you can read more about our adventures here).

We have a packed weekend but a fun weekend planned. I'm just hoping the weather cooperates for us but one thing I've learned is that you can't control the weather. We'll be celebrating my Grandpop's 90th Birthday, attending a Halloween party, and enjoying another birthday celebration with brunch in Philly for my sister. I'm sure there will be other random adventures going on as well but for now I think we have a lot going on.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Football pool: if you follow me on instagram, if not I'd love for you to consider, I like to think I'm pretty fun (shameless plug there). Well, if you do then you would have seen my handsome fur baby in his wide retriever jersey for some Sunday football. I'm telling you, I'm convinced he smiles for the camera.

My weekly picks have been horrible lately and weren't getting me anywhere near a chance at winning. I decided since I already sucked I would try a new strategy. It actually wasn't much of a strategy at all because I had my three year old do my picks. I read him what teams were playing each other and he told me what team he liked best. Unfortunately I didn't have much confidence after seeing some of the point spreads that were on there, but hey anything can happen, right? Well wouldn't you know...we ending up winning! Let's see if we can go two for two this week.

2. BYOP: we had such a great time at one of our favorite family's BYOP pumpkin carving party. The kids all had so much fun together and it's always the best seeing some of my favorite girls and their kiddos. We love that they do this every year and hope it's a tradition that will carry on.

3. Fall fun: our weeks haven't been complete without incorporating some sort of outdoor fall fun. We came across a park not too far from us that has this awesome look out if you can bare the hike to get up there. We made it but not without being out of breath and legs feeling like jello, but the views were too good to pass up.

Side note, I haven't been able to figure out how to capture pretty blue sky pictures without having the right exposure for my subjects in the frame. When I usually turn up my ISO or white balance to expose people I lose my sky and it ends up being blown out (sorry camera talk). Any pointers with how to conquer this? Maybe I just have to invest in a better photo editing program or upgrade my camera body style...I don't know.

4. When your mom meets Joe Gorga: confession, I enjoy watching all of the housewives shows with the exception of Melbourne. I just couldn't get into them. We happen to live in the same town as Teresa and my Mom and I were just talking about how we've never run into any of them.

We needed something from Home Depot so my Mom stopped after work and wouldn't you know she runs into Joe. She said he was so nice and very down to earth. They chatted for awhile and he was nice enough to take a picture with her. Look at how excited she is. Joe, I think you might have made her year! And no, not all of jersey is anything like what you see on the show or like the jersey shore. We get such a bad wrap.

5. Bathroom reno reveal: in case you missed it I shared one of my favorite bathroom reno's that we've done so far. I just love the way it turned out and how everything all tied in together. I really enjoyed reading all of your kind compliments. Thank you so much for making me feel even better about our finished product and even more confident to tackle the next one. 

I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend! You know the Friday deal, check out some of my favorites that I'm linking with and join in on the Friday fun.

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