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Happy Friday, friends! It's always nice to see the end of the work week even if it was a short one for me. I got to enjoy some extra time off and soaked up all the fall activities we could get our hands on, even if part of it was battling a wasps nest in our house! I'm happy to say at this point the exterminator came and did his thing so we should be in the clear, and thank God no stinging took place.

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Fall farm fun: farms and fall just seem to go hand and hand. I think we've visited more farms in the past few weeks than we might have all year. Well maybe not, but close. We discovered this cute little farm not far from us that had a lot of fun things for the nuggets to do. Like this train ride that they were so excited to wear their conductor hats for. 

We had fun picking some more pumpkins, (we might  be up to having 15 now) eating mini apple cider donuts, and my heart about melted when A told me he was going to pick me a sunflower because I'm a pretty girl.

We also enjoyed getting lost in the corn maze and my heart melted again when A took his little brothers hand and wanted to be the line leader to help us find our way out. The only down fall of the day was discovering I was bit by a tick the next morning. I've been keeping an eye on the spot and praying that all will be ok. So far I feel fine and no real concern. Just a friendly reminder to make sure to check your little ones (and yourself) after all of the fun fall activities.

2. Alpaca love: as if one farm wasn't enough this week we decided last minute to stop by a local garden center that was having an event. I about died when I saw they had a petting zoo and there was an alpaca. If you follow my instagram you might have seen I confessed to secretly wanting an alpaca. This picture was everything. This alpaca was so sweet and she basically let me hug her while I played it cool and she even rested her head on A like she was snuggling with him. I think she knew we were taking a pic because look at her pose. 

3. Pumpkin painting: in case you missed it I shared 15 Family Friendly Fall Activities that we like to do, and Pumpkin painting is one of them. What activity would be complete without out some sort of mishap. This year was a little tough with I running around and he ending up stepping and flipping over the try of water for the paint brushes, not once, but twice before we even got started. Once we were over the spills and an outfit change later they both loved it.

4. Relaxation: I've had a gift card for a massage and facial for over a year now. Why I ever waited so long to use it, I have no clue. Life happens maybe? Does anyone else ever do that with gift cards? I love getting them but sometimes I forget about them. Anyway, I think the last time I got a massage was a prenatal one so I was long over due.

5. Jack o lantern blaze: because pumpkin everything! We sure got our fix in with the jack o lantern blaze event. We weren't sure what to expect with this since it was our first time going but it definitely exceeded our expectations. There were so many awesome carved pumpkins and special effects that kept us saying wow every time we turned the corner. The nuggets loved it too and thankfully majority of the displays were family friendly so there was no I'm scared moments involved.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Here's where I'm linking for some more Friday fun.

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