Our Apple Picking Adventure

I love traditions, and this one happens to be one of my favorites. Ever since A's first birthday we've made apple and pumpkin picking his birthday tradition. If you're in the northeast then you know we haven't seen the sun in a long time. It actually feels like forever (ok maybe not that long). But, we're trying to teach the nuggets that even if it isn't perfect sunny skies all the time, you can still have fun when the sky is gray.

It's also really hard to tell a three year old that's been talking about going for a month that we all of the sudden can't go. That was a tantrum I just didn't have the energy to battle. So rain boots on, flannels on, and we ventured into the orchards.

We all had so much fun but the best past was making memories as a family. It was extra special to see I running around the orchard this year and picking apples of his own, especially because he was such a little peanut last year. I think he got a little confused with the pumpkins though because he thought it was funny to throw a few of the small ones down. I think he thought they were similar to his mini basketballs. Oops!

A was in a bit of a mood off and on, and in his defense his nap was a little interrupted. Sleeping really makes such a difference with him. Even though he just turned three I am no where near ready to give up that nap. Anyway, he wanted to wear his rain boots, then he didn't want to wear them, then they didn't fit him. You know how it goes, the typical three year old drama. But boot drama aside this boy is amazing. He made it a point to pick the best pumpkins and apples and also loved seeing the animals they had on the farm. We ended the day with homemade ice cream and apple cider donuts.We're already looking forward to next years adventure.

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