Winnie The Pooh And Tigger Too

Trick or treat! We love coordinating a fun family costume and feeling like little kids again while enjoying the festivities with our nuggets. We know the time will come when they probably won't want us dressing up with them, so for now we are eating this up. 

After visiting Disney over the summer and going on the Winnie The Pooh ride, A was really into the show. He mentioned that he wanted to be Tigger and little nugget could be Pooh. It actually sounded like a great idea so we rolled with it. 

My sister snapped some of these pics for us and boy is it a process to try and get two kids, a dog, and us to get some sort of good pictures. Oh wait, add a balloon in there because how could Christopher Robin's costume be complete without it- but both of them of course wanted to play with that over anything else. That is until it floated off into balloon heaven and then the curiosity of sticks and leaves took over. Oh well, these are fun memories and hopefully will be some of those throwback costume pics that surface for the nuggets years down the road.

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun" ~ Winnie The Pooh

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