Elf On The Shelf Welcome Breakfast

It's almost that time again! Truth be told this Momma might be more excited than the nuggets about this little rosy cheeked always smiling (kind of creepy) stuffed friend making their appearance again.

Last year we introduced the infamous elf on the shelf who A proudly declared his name in our home is Alvin.

Alvin was with us from Thanksgiving weekend until Christmas and moved around all sorts of places in our house. I will say, A knew what was going on last year but this year I think he will really get  the concept. In fact, he's actually made references to him already.

This boy seriously blows my mind. When we told him our elf friend would be coming back soon he said oh great, I think he's going to bring me marshmallows again. Wait, what did you say?! Maybe it's just us but both Eric and I looked at each other wide eyed in amazement. This kid was two years old last year and almost a year later he still remembers those silly marshmallows I spread on the table, I mean Alvin brought with him.

Since I was on a blogging break last year after having little nugget I missed documenting all of this fun and couldn't pass up sharing it with you now. When Alvin arrived last year we had a pancakes and pajamas breakfast filled with those beloved marshmallows, snowflake shaped pancakes, and some extra goodies for the nuggets.

With Thanksgiving weekend right around the corner we plan on Alvin's breakfast being even more fun this year and another time of making some fun family memories. I'll share more about this years breakfast within the next few weeks. 

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