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Happy Friday! I hope this week treated you better than ours. It wasn't a horrible week but I wasn't feeling myself and had this stomach thing going on. I had high hopes of getting a lot accomplished, like Christmas shopping, cleaning, and that dreaded laundry. But everything for the most part took a backseat. 

I'm on the mend and plan on giving the weekend everything I got because weekends, well, they just have a way of making everything better. We have some fun things planned including one of my best friends annual friendsgiving. I'm really looking forward to a Thanksgiving meal and if need be I'll be toting around some pepto in my bag (tmi, I'm sorry). 

Ok, enough with all of that here's a look at some of the happier things that took place...

1. Cheers: before my stomach issues Eric and I took advantage of the Starbucks buy one get one deal. Random fact here, we aren't big coffee drinkers. I actually don't really like coffee. Which is why you won't catch me having a daily cup or making weekly stops. I know, I'm kind of weird but I just can't get into it. If it's flavored, maybe. But overall I'm more of a tea girl. We had a Starbucks gift card for the longest time that we wanted to use and the promotion obviously sucked us in along with the opportunity for a cute cup pic (don't act like we aren't all guilty of it). No complaints here though. I did thoroughly enjoy my drink and will be stopping at some point over the holidays to grab another one.

2. All dressed up: one thing I do love is getting all dressed up and having somewhere fun to go. Our church celebrated their 50th anniversary and had this beautiful gala that we attended. No one could seem to get a good pic of us inside because the lighting was so dim so we are working with what we got.

3. Tricky tray: If you've ever attended a tricky tray (they also have several other names but that's what they're called around us) then you know they can be a lot of fun. There's something about the thrill of waiting to see if your number gets called and if you've won that coveted prize. Eric and I made a date night out of it (I know real party animals over here) but it was a fundraiser for the nursing home his grandfather used to be in and it happens to be one of the best tricky trays in NJ. We did get lucky and won two baskets. One is a gift for the nuggets when they're a little older and the other is the perfect gift for one of our family members.

4. Sister time: if you've been a long time reader of my little internet space then you might remember I originally started this blog with my sister. We live at two opposite ends of the state but luckily only an hour and half from each other. Unfortunately with the distance, and her focusing on finishing school, and realizing blogging just wasn't her thing, we decided to take a little break from the internet world. I missed it and still wanted to utilize this space as a place to document my little family so from there Beautifully Candid came about.

Ok, enough with the history point was sister time. I got to spend some time with my sister and sister time is always the best time. My boys love them some Aunt Faith and I love watching them interact with her. We tried to get a picture of us but pretty much pictures with the nuggets have been almost impossible lately. I shared this pic on Instagram and what it takes to try and get us to all look in the same direction. This happened to be an outake with Eric by mistake getting his hand in there but I kind of love it and it really shows how things are.  The whole picture taking is comical at best.

5. Christmas card pictures: since we're talking about pictures here let me just tell you about our Christmas card picture mishaps. The thought of getting a picture with us and the two little nuggets, oh, and we threw our dog into the mix sounded great in theory but in reality not so much. I'll share more about our adventure (because that's what we're calling it) once our cards go out, but for now, here's a peek at what we have to work with. We tried guys, we really tried.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Can you believe it's the last weekend before Thanksgiving?! Time is flying and since it slows down for no one let's all make sure we are having some fun. Speaking of fun, check out some other great bloggers that I'm linking with and sharing my Friday favorites.

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