Getting Ready For Holiday Card Pictures

This time of year always gets me thinking about our Christmas cards. We've been sending out cards even before we had the nuggets and would usually include a picture of us and our dog on it. Our cards are a lot more fun these days because I'm sure everyone would much rather get one that has our nuggets on it instead. 

I like to have our cards ordered before Thanksgiving then addressed and out in the mail by the second week in December. I thought about just using a picture of us from over the summer but it just wasn't giving me that same holiday feel. Sure it would be a lot easier but every year we try to take a family picture has turned into creating some really funny memories.

I'm still laughing about our card from two years ago when our older nugget wanted nothing to do with taking pictures! If you have a chance to read more about it {here} the pics are pretty funny. We got a lot of compliments on it and how everyone loved how real it was. It kind of makes me not want to have that perfect pose. 

Last year our card was ok but we were beating the weather when we took our pics and being new to managing two nuggets plus our dog, I kind of felt out of sorts. Now that having two little guys is the everyday norm I'm looking forward to our card this year. 

We're planning on taking our pictures this weekend and this year we are going with something a little different. We'll see how they turn out but if I've learned anything it's just to have fun with it and work with what you get. Of course I will share a sneak peek with you guys when we're done but for now I'll drop a little will include us wearing {these}.

Here are a few tips that help us to prepare for our pictures...

Have an idea of how you want your pictures to look. Pinterest is full of a lot of cute ideas and inspiration. 

Have an idea of what you'd like to capture, the emotion, the love or happiness of your family, but don't try to plan out your poses. It doesn't work, it won't feel natural, and you'll be disappointed. 

Coordinate outfits ahead of time and make sure you try them on beforehand to see if you like how they all look together. 

To avoid feeling rushed make sure to get yourself ready first and save the kids for last. It also leaves less time for them to ruin their outfits.

Timing. Avoid taking your pics close to nap time or eating to hopefully decrease tantrums as much as possible. 

Above all have fun with it. If it becomes stressful and upsetting then it defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Have you already taken pictures for your holiday card? Do you specifically take pictures for your card or use one you already have? 

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