Spending A Day In Brooklyn

As if Mondays aren't rough enough they're especially harder when you're coming off of a fun weekend. If only it would have been a long weekend, but it's not and we're here, so I'm embracing Monday head on and sharing some highlights from our visit to Brooklyn and linking up with Biana.

I planned this trip in celebration of Eric's birthday and with my Mom watching the nuggets it was nice to have a day out. He's such a hard worker, amazing husband and father, and while we don't usually go over the top for birthdays, he deserved to have a special day. We visited the Brooklyn Brewery and if you're into craft beers it's a fun place to check out. Just make sure you get there early because the line really does get long. Luckily we didn't have any problems but when we came out the line was all the way around the corner.

Can I just tell you that Williamsburg is street art heaven. I was loving every fun wall we came across and could have taken pictures here all day. But, it wasn't my day and Eric was still nice enough to snap a few pics of me to appease the blogger in me. We also got to see someone painting a mural by free hand just from looking at a small picture and recreating it. Talent, so much talent.

What trip to Brooklyn is complete without walking the iconic Brooklyn bridge. We caught the most amazing sunset and the pictures don't come close to doing it justice. If you ever have a chance to walk the bridge I would highly recommend it. Even though it was pretty crowded we still found it peaceful, and catching those views with the statue of liberty off in the distance was simply amazing.

You know I couldn't resist myself without doing a little shopping but it was more of an accident and not really planned. While walking around we passed this store called the Buffalo Exchange and Eric suggested we check it out. How could I say no? He sure has some great ideas every now and then ;) Wouldn't you know I found a great deal on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that I'll incorporate into a fashion post at some point. With so much walking around we definitely worked up an appetite and finished the night off with dinner at Rye. I enjoyed the seasonal raviolis and Eric had a delicious Lamb shank. No leftovers were leaving that place. We're hoping we have a chance to visit Brooklyn more often because I'm sure we only got a climpse of it, and from what we saw it is a really cool city. Until next time, Brooklyn. 

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