T-shirt, Blazer and Skinny Jeans

I can't believe we're halfway through fall already which happens to be one of my favorite seasons for fashion. I love a basic fall outfit just as much as the next person but sometimes you have change it up a bit. While I'm sure this would still be consider "fall" attire it doesn't have the typical plaid, sweater, or boots feel to it. Nope, this Momma traded all of that in for some skinny ripped jeans, a t-shirt, blazer, and heels. 

I enjoy wearing blazers and if done right they are easily dressed up or down. For now I can still get away with wearing them and not having to be completely bundled up just yet. I've always loved a fun graphic t-shirt under a blazer to give it a more causal look. My t-shirt is from the beginning of spring so I don't see it online anymore, but I'm loving some of these newer ones, especially {this} one and {this} one.  

I usually only wear heels when I'm in the office and tend to keep them in my closet on the weekends but sometimes a good pair of heels just completes a look and gives it that little something extra. I don't know about you but sometimes when I put on a good pair of heels I notice a little more swagger in my step. Maybe I just feel cooler because they give me some extra height, and when your husbands over six foot I guess you take what you can get.


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