Wearing a Sweater Over Your Dress

As much as I enjoy seasonal clothing there are certain pieces I'm not ready to tuck away just yet. I have a bunch of short sleeve and sleeveless dresses that I could still be getting some wear out of. I came across this trend on instagram and was kind of surprised it hasn't really taken off (at least not around my neck of the woods). 

What better way to transition your dresses into fall and winter than putting a sweater over them. Sure you could always throw a cardigan on but I thought the look of the sweater just added something more to it. I plan on doing this in the spring as well when we are coming out of those bitter cold temperatures (wake me when it's spring). 

I finished this look off with one of my favorite booties {these but they're sold out}. When it starts getting even colder I'll have to trade my peep-toes in for some over the knee boots. Not really a bad trade off though. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this look and it makes me even happier because I don't have hang up all my short sleeve dresses this season. I king of feel like I was saved by the sweater.


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