Bringing In the New Year With 2017 Calendars

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in less than three weeks we'll be in 2017. I'm sure we all sound like broken records over here with wondering where in the world the time went, but seriously where has the time gone? 

One of my favorite things to do around this time of year is put together our yearly calendar. I love looking back at all of our pictures and reliving memories throughout the year. For the past few years we've been utilizing Shutterfly for our calendars and each year I love the new designs and features they come out with more and more.

We always end up ordering multiple calendars because not only are they fun to look through but we do use them to help keep us organized and to help with planning. After all, what else are calendars used for, right? We always get one to put on our fridge and then Eric and I both get one for our offices. I have a few co-workers that specifically come into my office at the beginning of each month just to see what the new pictures are.

This year everyone got excited about our bright orange envelope that came in the mail. The nuggets especially loved looking through the calendars and finding their favorite pictures. Since A is also learning more and more about each month and all of the seasons, I already know this is going to be a great learning tool for us use throughout the year.

One of the features I love when personalizing your calendar is the ability to use a picture on the calendar grid for a specific occasion. It makes remembering birthdays and holidays even more special and the more pictures the better. It's always so hard to narrow them down. One thing I will mention, if you do add this to your calendar, make sure you exit out of advanced editing and then you can just drag a picture right into the square you'd like to use.

Shutterfly has so many great finds for your everyday needs but also has some amazing options for gifts, just take a look at their gift giving guide here. Still have someone on your list you haven't been able to scratch off just yet? Don't we all have one of those, well a calendar or photo book might be just what you were looking for. They even have these new easel calendars this year that are super cute and one might just have to make its way into my cart.

If you're still thinking about a few last minute gifts check out their shipping guidelines so you're orange envelope can still arrive in time for Christmas. Have everyone on your list already covered? Then putting together a calendar for the new year is the perfect way to welcome in the new year. Shutterfly is offering 40% off calendars with code HOHOHO but hurry, that code expires 12/15.

So what about you, do you personalize your calendars or have you ever given them as gifts? 

Thank you Shutterfly for sponsoring this post.

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