Decking The Halls In Our Home

This time of year is one of my all time favorites, there's just something so special about having our home all decorated and feeling bright and cheery. Even though the laundry, dishes, and the every day ins and outs are the same, it feels more relaxed and not as hectic. I mean how could it be when you look around and see pretty lights and shiny ornaments.

Getting our tree has always been a special time for us and is now even more special since the nuggets have their input and help in the selection process. I have a feeling in the years to come we might decide on having multiple trees. In the midst of all that shine, one of the things I love that we've done with our ornaments is, every time we go on vacation we buy an ornament from that country or state which then makes its way onto our tree.

I've noticed this year I'm on a big gold, silver, and white kick which is kind of surprising because I've never been a typical girly girl and attracted to all things sparkly. I guess maybe my taste has changed. Since we only plan on being in this house for another year (if need be) I didn't want to go overboard with buying all new things only to be in a different space and maybe have another vision.

This room here with the fireplace is one of my all time favorite rooms. The simple fact that it has a fireplace is awesome, but I also love the stone work and the reclaimed mantel. If you haven't noticed my style tends to be a mix of rustic chic (if that's really a term). Our mistletoe is also hung in between the walkway here and at the top we always add in a few clippings for our tree.

I have more built-ins here which I love but it also adds for more decorating (not necessarily a bad thing). I might add a few more things to this section, but for now it works. I just have to be careful with what I put on the lower shelves because the nuggets are fascinated and want to play with things. Who can really blame them?

I'm really liking how my burlap garland came out and decided this is where we're going to display all of the cards we get. I picked up these cute little snowflake close pins at the dollar tree and will simply just clip the cards on and have them hang from the garland. Surprisingly, this whole thing was really easy to make. I think because I needed it on such a larger scale hanging it was probably the hardest part. If I were to use this for a mantel and not need 60 yards of it, this would be super easy. Regardless, I would try to tackle it again because everyone needs a little diy in their life.

I've shared this little guy before but he's seriously the best and one of the cutest little Santa's I've ever seen. He was given to me on my first Christmas (many Christmases ago at this point) and still to this day plays music and his little nose lights up red when you press his hand. I love that A recognizes he's sentimental to me and has asked me several times if this is my special little guy. He knows to be very careful with him and let him sit on his shelf.

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