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Happy Friday! I'm so excited we're all here but still wishing I had the solution to figure out how the weeks go by so quickly?! If you know the answer help a girl out and spill the beans, please. 

This time of year there is always so much going on for us but it's also one of my favorite times of the year. I'm especially excited for this weekend because it's our annual visit to NYC for the day to see the tree and soak up even more festive fun. We're also taking the kids on a Santa train ride which should be a lot of fun. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Christmas cards: Off in the mail they go. I always like to try and get a head start on my cards and have them taken care of by the first week in December. Adding a little detail and hand addressing our envelopes has kind of been my thing the last few years. 

2. All kinds of parties: we had the best time acting like superheros for a super special birthday boy. A was really in character and kept that mask and cape on for the longest time.

Eric and I also had an annual ugly sweater party we went to and sadly this was the first year we didn't place. I think our ugly attire went over everyone's head this year, and there were also some really great sweaters this time around that deserved to win. No offense to any Yankee or Celtics fans out there, but the party was in south Jersey and anyone who knows the area knows it's die-hard Philly fan territory. We wore them because they weren't Philly teams which made them "ugly". Yeah not so much, no one really appreciated our humor and not everyone was happy when walked in. That's ok though, we already have ideas for next year!

3. Christmas concert: I was so proud of my little nuggets who did great in their school Christmas concert. This was a huge improvement from last year when A ran off the stage crying and wanted nothing to do with singing up there. It's hard to believe little nugget was really little nugget and I wasn't even back to work from maternity leave yet. Seriously so much changes in a year it's crazy to think about. 

This time I was prepared unlike my first experience and mom fail with A's first concert. We now know to plan accordingly each year. It was so cute to see A singing and doing his little hand motions. Little nugget hung out in the buggie and wasn't really into wearing his hat but he still made a cute like snowflake. At the end we snuck in to take a picture with him and all of the little kids were crying because they saw their parents and wanted to come out. We also promised the boys that if they tried their hardest at the end we would stop by the bake sale and let them pick out a treat. I'm pretty sure that was their favorite part of the whole thing. 

4. Not so favorite news: I'm really sad to share this and it's more of a favorite memory, but for the past three years we have been visiting the best Santa we've ever had the pleasure of seeing. He truly made you believe and had the kindest heart and soul. The day we went to take pictures with him he was taken away to the hospital. The place we always saw him also has what's called the ice caverns where you can walk through and enjoy all of these different little displays. 

Since we were already there hoping to see him we decided to still enjoy our time and walk through the ice caverns. We said a little prayer for Santa but unfortunately found out the next day he passed away. My heart was broken and I really wish we would have gotten a chance to see him one more time and say goodbye. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Beesley family and anyone who knew this kind and caring man. We're on the hunt for another Santa but a legit Santa is so hard to come by. I feel like no matter what at this point it just won't be the same. 

5. Christmas in our home: on a lighter note our halls are decked and the feeling of all things shiny and cozy are in our home. I like to think in general our home feels cozy and welcoming but there's something about breaking out those Christmas decorations that creates a feel that just can't be duplicated any other time of year.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Friday is always a fun day to linkup so check out where else I'm at and join in on the fun, 

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