Happy Friday-Hello December

Fridayyy!! Making it to Friday is such a beautiful thing-can you believe it's the first one of December? We have one month left in 2016. This seems crazy!

We dived into all things Christmas this week and are loving every minute of it. I'm really looking forward to this weekend and all the fun it will bring. We have a superhero birthday party to go to for a special birthday boy and our friends annual ugly sweater party. I'll try to share some stories on my instagram.

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Elf on the shelf: I'm sure most of us are enjoying our elf friends moving around our houses. I know my nuggets enjoy waking up every morning and running around to see where Alvin is. Since A has been marshmallow obsessed since our Welcome Back Breakfast we added a little fluffy fun to our daily elf.

Now, every morning if the boys were good listeners and overall well behaved, Alvin leaves them a marshmallow in the morning. So far we've experienced one day where A did not get one. Let me just tell you, he was on his best behavior that whole day and I don't think I've ever heard him ask me so much what he could help out with.

2. Lights at the zoo: one of our favorite traditions to do is visit the Turtle Back Zoo for their light display. Eric and I have been going to this for years even before the nuggets were around. We love that it's also for a good cause and benefits local families in need. They have donation drop offs for caned goods and unwrapped toys which is essential your ticket in.

It's so much fun to see the zoo lit up and what all of the animals are up to at night. I loved seeing the boys faces light up with every corner that we turned.

3. Christmas tree: one of my favorite things this week has been admiring our Christmas tree with all the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments. I find myself feeling like a big kid again. This years decorating was definitely interesting and a little more challenging, but having the nuggets help and show their excitement was all worth it. You can read more about our tree adventures {here}.

4. Cyber Monday: I know this time of year is all about giving to others and that's something I really enjoy doing. But, sometimes there are deals out there we just can't avoid helping ourselves to. I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one.

I wasn't always a huge Cyber Monday shopper but the extra incentive of cash back from my credit card and ebates along with not dealing with crowds and the lines made getting these deals feel even greater. I find myself anxiously checking the mail for my orders. I can't wait to get these Quay cherry bomb sunglasses, I tried them on in-store and loved the way they looked. I'm sure it's probably risky getting a lighter colored jacket with little sticky fingered nuggets, but I did hit the purchase button on this frost free quilted jacket in flurry.

I also couldn't decide on a dress for New Years so I got two and figured depending on how I like them one will be going back. I'm really hoping at least one of them fits and looks right (the struggle of ordering online).  Which one do you like more? I got this off the shoulder sequin dress in black (as of now it looks like they only have it in white) and this metallic ruched sweater dress in blue.

5. DIY burlap garland:  this week I decided to get my crafty side going. I enjoy a good diy project but I don't always have the time to sit around and do them. In a weird way when I do have the chance I find them kind of relaxing. I knew I wanted to incorporate burlap garland into our Christmas decor and thought going down (or is it up, hmm) our stairs was the perfect spot. A sale at hobby lobby and 60 yards of burlap later, I have my garland. For the most part it was fairly easy to make and I'm liking how it turned out. I have some ideas of things I'd like to add to it so I'll 4be playing around with it this weekend. Be sure to stop back next week when I share more of our Christmas decor.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Check out where I'm linking to join in on the Friday fun.

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