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Happy Fridayyyy!!! I'm still trying to figure out how in the world we got to the last full official weekend before Christmas?! Craziness, just craziness. You know when you have one of those weeks that feels like you did a lot but still didn't accomplish anything? Well, that was my week. It was so busy for me at work and we have so much going on at home that I'm still wondering how I'm going to fit everything in. It's all fun stuff though, so as much as it was a busy one it was a good one.

To top it all off my Mom and I are headed to the airport for a quick trip to see my youngest brother graduate from UCF this weekend. I am beyond happy to celebrate with him and escape this polar vortex for a hot minute. I just know coming home is going to be such a tease with this short trip. 

I'll be finishing the weekend off with all things sugar and sweets when my sister and I get together for our Christmas baking. Word on the street is matching pajamas will be involved, probably some sort of santa hats and all the holiday tunes playing in the background. We're all on a PJ kick this year and I kind of love it.  

Since my week was a little crazy I'll be looking back on some of my favorites, which you might have already seen, but a few new ones are in here as well. Ok, enough with all the reasoning let's just check them out...

1. Santa train ride: we had the best time on the santa train ride we did with our nuggets and some of our best friends. We've done a lot of festive things this December but anytime it involves our kids and seeing the magic light up in their eyes it will always be a favorite in my book. We has so much fun making some great memories with great friends and we're already looking forward to hopefully keeping this tradition up. 

2. Christmas in NYC: I just love visiting the city during this time of year. Every street corner seems to have something different that makes being there feel really special. This is one of my all time favorite traditions with my best friends that we've been doing for years now. This year's visit sure was an interesting one when we got on the train and realized it was the same weekend as Santacon. You can read more about our adventures {here}. Regardless, off all the drunken Santa's stumbling around we still had the best time. We always leave excited to think about what next years visit will be.

3. Pizza party: I'm knocking on wood over here, but I'm so happy to say A has been doing amazing with potty training. Last Friday, out of now where, he woke up and refused to leave for school in a pull up. Eric and I looked at each other wondering what we should do and decided to just send him in underwear. We packed several different outfits just in case and took some time to talk to his teachers about his new found love for being a big boy. I called during the day to check up on him and found out he was doing great with no accidents.

Every Friday Eric always makes homemade pizza so I snuck home on my lunch break to set out some paper plates, party hats, and write a little message about getting the weekend started. We celebrate all types of random things over here. I mean, why not?! When we got home A thought his Elf, Alvin, threw him the pizza party for wearing big boys pants. We just rolled with it. Why yes, yes, Alvin did throw you the party and is very proud of you. He hasn't been back in a pull up since.

4. PJ party: speaking of parties Eric and I got to enjoy another festive party last night and wouldn't you know it was in a our PJs. Our church threw a Christmas party for all of the volunteers involved with student ministries and I'm kind of convinced a PJ party is the best party. I was so relaxed, it took the pressure off of figuring out my outfit, everyone had an upbeat and light hearted attitude, it really was a great time. And seriously, how awesome is this milk and cookie display?!?

5. Calendars: one of the things I love about welcoming in the new year is putting together our new calendars. I've been using Shutterfly for years and was really excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with them, you can read more {here}. The nuggets loved looking through our calendars and seeing all the fun memories and pictures. I'm also looking forward to using them more with A who is learning more about the days of the week and months of the year.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! To all my friends in cold places, stay warm. To everyone in warm places, enjoy. Check out where I'm linking to join in on the fun.

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