Framing My Favorite Memories With Keepsake

Maybe it's just me but for some reason I have the hardest time getting around to printing out my pictures and organizing them. Anyone else feel that way? I'm sure you've probably figured out by now that I take a ton of pictures. It's something I really enjoy doing and being able to capture little moments of our everyday lives. But, finding the time to print them out, organize them in an album, or go shopping for a frame–well you lost me there. 

I was very excited to collaborate with Keepsake who takes away the hassle of printing and framing your special moments. Hassle free and easy, now that's a language this Momma can communicate with. 

I keep thinking about how quickly time goes by and how I don't want to be someone who has the intentions of getting around to putting up my pictures but then never actually does. I'm taking the start of this new year to try my best to prioritize what's important to me and get a better handle on being organized. 

I thought a lot about the pictures I wanted to focus on framing and moments that when I look at them I want to relive all over again. Of course I love any and all pictures of my nuggets, but when I looked around at the few things I had framed, I notice there was barely any pictures of Eric and I. 

One of my favorite memories from last year (you've all heard me mention it, so here we go again) was our getaway to California. We had the best time hanging out on the beach, splashing around like two little kids–all while hanging out by this awesome pier. I knew that I wanted to display one of those moments and found the perfect frame to capture it.

I can't tell you enough about how easy Keepsake makes it to cherish your favorite moments. All you have to do is upload a picture to their site or download their app, and from there you just pick the size and frame that you want, and you're all set. What I also really love about them is the frames are handcrafted in the US, oh, and did I mention they also offer free shipping?!

I originally got this framed as a gift in mind for Eric for Valentine's Day, but since then my cover has been blown. I guess a little early present giving never hurt anyone. Keepsake has been so kind to offer my readers a 15% discount with code BeautifullyCandid15 when entered at checkout. With so many great frames to choose from and the ease of convenience, I'm looking forward to many more of our favorite moments being shared.

Thank you Keepsake for sponsoring this post.

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