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Happy Friday, friends! As always Friday is one of my happy days, especially when my work week has been so crazy. I've been so busy I feel like I barely left my desk. Thank God for a midweek lunch meeting I had to attend which was a much needed little break. At least my office is looking all cute now, so that helps. 

I'm looking forward to another low key weekend with not much going on other than some dinner plans. And of course eating up all the quality family time. My sister is staying with us for the weekend and any time I get some sister time, and the nuggets get some Aunt Faith time, it's a good time! 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Human jungle gym: you might have seen some of these on my instagram (are we following each other? If not we should be :) but these are some fun in the moment pictures that I happen to love and couldn't pass up on sharing them here. If you remember from my favorites last week Eric was away in London for work so I was holding down the fort with the nuggets.

He got back late on Friday just in time to enjoy the weekend together. We were all so excited to see him and spent majority of the weekend hanging out in our PJs for as long as we could. I love weekends like that! We have a little playroom set up for the nuggets and even though they have a plethora of toys to play with, somehow climbing on me and using me as a jungle gym is more appealing. I'll take it though, it's basically the only workout I can find time to get in these days.

2. Sledding: as if we didn't learn our lesson from the last time, we decided to attempt sledding again. I didn't even realize it was supposed to snow, so we were all surprised when it started coming down. Of course the nuggets wanted to go out and play and not gonna lie, I've been anxious to try out our new snow tube.

Getting them dressed this time around wasn't as painful but the sledding part, oh geez. I think they really just need to be a little older to really appreciate it and learn how to keep their arms and legs in. We ventured over to one of our favorite spots, Garret Mountain. If you look really hard off in the distance you can see the skyline of NYC. My camera wasn't really picking it up but it is really beautiful up there and very peaceful when your kids aren't crying about falling out of their sled.  Womp. Womp.

3. Breakfast mornings: in case you missed it I shared some little moments that mean the most to me, like taking time on the weekends to make breakfast with the nuggets. Life goes by so quickly, and while we all love a perfect picture I'm trying to be more mindful about capturing the everyday moments of real life.

4. Crazy weather: I'm back to talking about the weather, because, well the weather. I think the seasons are getting more and more confused because part of the week we had snow, then it was rain, then it was warmer, and who the heck knows what else will happen. The only consistent thing about it is these two are cute no matter what's going on outside :)

5. House update: I realized I lied. I was able to sneak out twice this week on my lunch break and the second time was yesterday to meet Eric over at one of our investment properties to check up on the progress. The counter tops were delivered for the kitchen and I love how the quartz looks up against the gray cabinets.

I am having all the heart eyes over here with the way the wood wall turned out. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like the paint color we picked, but seeing it with the wood I really like how everything is coming together. We're also going to be making custom built-in shelves with a bottom cabinet for that little space next to the wood wall.

I only had my 40mm lens with me to take pictures which doesn't give me a lot of flexibility to fit much in the frame, but I tried. There are a lot of little things left to do, like refinishing the floors, putting up the back splash and a bunch of touch-ups. But we are making great progress and hope to have it out on the rental market at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to sharing more of the finished project with you.

I hope you have a fabulous fun filled weekend! You know the deal, check out where I'm linking and join in on the fun.

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