Little Moments That Mean The Most

One of my favorite things to do every weekend before we get ready for church is make Sunday breakfast with the boys. Every morning A comes into our room and asks if it's a school day or a special stay at home day (cue the mom guilt). 

Now don't get me wrong, every morning does not look like this. During the week we're usually rushing out of the house and I'm hoping and praying that I remembered to feed both kids. But weekends, well they've always been a big deal for us since both Eric and I work full time. Although, I hate to use that term because in reality every Mom and parent works full time. Anyway, back to breakfast. We usually give the nuggets a few different options for the menu and from there we let them pick what we'll be making.

Last weekend A decided on pancakes and wanted strawberries and bananas with them. We decided to slice the fruit up and add them to our pancakes which turned into goodness on our plate. Let me just tell you, that warm fruit baked in and then topped with some blueberry syrup had me eating like five of them, or maybe six, actually I think I lost count and I'm kind of hoping he wants them again this weekend.

Since Eric was traveling all last week we really took the weekend to just sit around and relax. I seriously love weekends like that, you know the ones where you stay in your PJs for as long as you can and really get to enjoy some quality time together.

When he first picked up the camera and started taking pics of us making breakfast I felt kind of silly (I can't imagine what it feels like to be on a reality show and have cameras following you around). But after seeing these sweet moments captured I'm really glad he did.

It got me thinking (I do that from time to time) about the everyday stuff. Well, more like everyday moments and what we pick and choose to capture. Sure, I love a great coordinated picture just as much as the next person, but years down the road when I'm looking back these are the everyday moments I want to remember.

I want to remember A's excitement when we tell him we are staying home together. I want to remember his enthusiasm to help me cook and be my big helper boy. I want to remember how little nugget came wandering in and once he saw A helping me he had to join in on the fun. I want to remember how much little nugget loved that blueberry syrup and probably licked it off more than actually eating the pancakes. I want to remember their smiles and laughter. I want to remember A wanting to pour his own syrup and little nugget asking for agua because he won't call it water (I'm chalking that up to a daycare advantage).

All these moments to remember got me thinking even more, thinking about their perspective and what they'll remember. When it all comes down to it, I'm sure they're not going to remember if the house was clean or if the laundry was put away. I'm sure they're not going to remember if their toys were organized or their beds were made. I'm sure they're not going to remember how well dressed they were or if they smiled for the camera. What I do hope they remember is the love that we give them, the fun memories we are trying to create for them, and the example we are trying to set for them as parents.

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