Monster Jam With My Squad

Over the weekend we took the nuggets to see Monster Jam. At first we weren't sure how they were going to react because we always heard it was really loud in there. Since they are Blaze and the Monster Machines fans (good old nick jr) we thought they would probably be ok. 

I got one of the sweetest comments over the weekend from a fellow momma who made my day when she said, you're nailing this boy mom thing. That simple comment made me feel more confident and gave me a little hope that maybe I can handle this boy mom thing. I often worry about when they're older if I'm going to wake up to find them putting worms in my bed (true story, I've already woken up to smashed goldfish crackers under my pillow). Or if I will constantly be uttering the phrase, please get off your brother (that's already started now). Or if they're going to attempt a distance contest, in which I'll be reaching for the clorox like in the commercials. I'm sure some crazy things will eventually go down. 

On the other hand, the older they do get, the more I roll my sleeves up and engage in all things boy fun. I mean, I do have three brothers so considering myself a girly girl never really crossed my mind. I'm sure over time I'll be able to hold my own. 

Ok, onto Monster Jam. Our friends had extra passes to their suite and since we're always up for new adventures–it was the perfect family event for the weekend. Eric also admitted on the drive over that ever since he was little he's always wanted to go to Monster Jam. Seeing his enjoyment along with the nuggets was the best part. 

Sure enough when we walked in the sounds of the engines were really loud. We did have ear plugs for both boys and once they saw the trucks doing all their tricks–they were glued. I'm happy to say no tears took place. They both really enjoyed the scooby-doo truck and it was so cute hearing little nugget yell look a woo woo (he calls dogs woo woos). 

Of course no event would be complete without over priced food and goodies, but it's all part of the experience, right? Let's just say that poor carpet might still have some cotton candy stuck on it. 

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