New Year's Eve Kids Countdown

new year's eve for kids

Three, two, one...Happy New Year! 

Boy did we have fun with this one and all the gold and silver confetti that was involved. I think I still found a piece of it in my hair yesterday, but totally worth it.

Since Eric and I were going out for new year's and we knew the boys would be fast asleep by midnight, we thought it would be fun to do a kids countdown at 12pm.

Unfortunately I came down with something the night before and was not feeling like myself at all. But, when you make a promise to your three year old, and he knows there's confetti poppers involved, you keep your promise.

My brother in law was visiting from California and is someone I trust using my camera, so I talked him into taking a few pictures for us. I actually didn't have to do much talking (he was more than willing) and did such a great job capturing these fun moments of us.

I'm still cracking up at the picture of both of the nuggets with the 2-0-1-7 numbers. A was super pumped and little nuggets face just makes me want to bite his cheeks. I'm cracking up too because in every picture we attempted with the numbers, at least one of them is backwards. I happen to think it just adds a little extra character ;)

I'm really happy we did this little celebration with them, because the fun they had (and us) was definitely worth it. This is something we hope to do with them every year, or at least until they're old enough to be asking and ready to stay up for the official countdown. 

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