Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This Friday felt like it came really quick for me but that's probably because I took some extra time off of work and we also had a snow day in there. I hate rushing time because we all know it goes by faster than we would like, but I'm kind of hoping February goes by really quick because I have warmer weather on the brain.

You might have noticed a different look around here. I decided to switch up my template and wanted something that would give my homepage a cleaner look. Etsy has so many options to choose from but I'm really happy with what I went with. Luca was great to work with and went above and beyond to answer all my crazy questions.  

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week. 

1. Super Bowl fun: while I wish we were all brought together under different circumstances, I absolutely loved having all of my brothers and sister staying with me this week. We enjoyed some great food, good laughs, and watching the big game. Although, I really felt like the commercials were kind of a let down this year. 

We played around with the nuggets before the game started and we let them stay up until half time. I was so worried they wouldn't fall asleep with all the commotion but thankfully they went right down.

2. More family time: I really wish long weekends could happen more often, but when they do, I try to enjoy every minute of them. My youngest brother had to catch an early flight so the rest of us decided to go out and walk around Weehawkin and then grab some lunch. Of course we realized we forgot to get a picture of the five of us together.

It was such a beautiful day to enjoy being out and walking around. They also had two pieces of the twin towers displayed on the water front which was a nice reminder.

3. Pajama Program party: one of our sweet friends had a Valentine's Day/benefit party for the Pajama Program which is an organization that donates pajamas and books to children in need. We always have the best time at their house and our boys just love playing with their kids. They had little crafts for the kids and of course we all got to wear our PJs.

4. Valentine's Day throwback: in case you missed it I shared more about our Valentine's Day last year and what our plans are this year. It also kicked off our monthly Girl Chat link up which will take place the 2nd Thursday of each month. A huge thank you to those that linked up with us. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers and connecting with all of you. We hope to see you next month as well!

5. Snow day: I know the weather seems to be a topic over here but how can it not when it's as wacky as it is?! Wednesday we had 60 degree weather and barely needed a jacket. Then the next day we woke up to 7 inches of snow.

I'm not really complaining though because did get a snow day out of it. We loved being home with the nuggets and just relaxing and not really having any agenda. It was complete night and day this time around with A going out in the snow. He loved it so much we went out twice, and an added bonus, he was all about the sled. He was even pushing me in it and then jumping on the back to slide down. Maybe it's because we were in the comfort of our backyard and not at a park? Who knows, but thank the Lord there were no tears involved. Well, there kind of were, but for a different reason. Little nugget didn't want to come inside, but his cheeks were so red and after being out there for awhile we had to call it quits.

I hope you have a great weekend! We'll be doing some Valentine's Day celebrating since it falls on a weekday this year. Check out where I am linking to join in on all the fun! 

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