Love One Another

Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope love is in the air for you :) More importantly, and if nothing else, I hope today brings you all kinds of happiness. 

Last week I shared about our Valentine's Day last year and the plans we had for this year. We also did some early celebrating with the nuggets over the weekend and took them to an ice carnival. It was one of the coolest things, ever!

The nuggets will be waking up to a special breakfast this morning before we head out for the day that will be filled with fresh fruit and all the heart shaped pancakes. Well about those heart shaped pancakes, of course I searched high and low for my heart shaped cookie cutter last night, but wouldn't you know I didn't have any luck. I'll try finagle something with a sandwich cutter we have but let's just say they might not be the best looking hearts around. I'll try to share more of their breakfast on my Friday favorites or if you can't wait until then I'll more than likely be sharing something on my instagram stories.

The nuggets are excited for their Valentine's Day parties in their classes today and I got a surprise when I found out Eric arranged for a sitter tonight. We normally don't go out to eat on actual Valentine's day and just hang out at home, but I appreciate the thoughtfulness and will gladly enjoy a dinner out. We've been wanting to try a local Italian spot in town so this is the perfect opportunity.

I always try to put the nuggets in some sort of festive shirt for the day but this year it was really weighing on my heart to go a more non-traditional route. With so much going on in the world today I feel one of the greatest accomplishments I can achieve as a Mother is to teach them about God's love and for us to be an example and show His love to others. 

When I came across these shirts I knew they were perfect for the message we are trying to teach the boys and something that could be a great conversation starter with others.

So today, whether you are decked out in your favorite bright pink outfit (mine might happen to have lips on it), anticipating those flowers and chocolates, or rolling your eyes because you just aren't into a hallmark holiday–let's all try to remember above all else to love one another.

~Love one another. As I have loved you~ John 13:34

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