Valentine's Day Plans and Girl Chat Link Up

I was never really a big Valentine's Day person and always thought the holiday was kind of cheesy. I don't know, something about all this hype for one day and the over whelming thought of pink and red everywhere left me rolling my eyes.

I guess in general the idea is nice, but I was never really one to go all out or feel a certain kind of way if I wasn't showered with gifts and all that good stuff.

Well now that I have kids wouldn't you know my take on the holiday has changed. Kids will do that type of thing to you, you know. I'm still not overly dramatic about the holiday but anything that gets them excited and puts a smile on their face has me doing things I never thought I would.

Last Valentine's Day I was still on my blogging break from having little nugget and realized I never shared what we did last year. It was so much fun that I couldn't pass up doing a little #tbt and also sharing what we have in store this year. So take a little trip down memory lane with me for some picture overload and all things Valentine's Day 2016 fun...

You all know me and my love for some street art, so when I saw someone post a picture on instagram of this awesome heart wall I knew it was the perfect Valentine's Day spot for us to check out. At first I was a little apprehensive because it was the first time taking both nuggets into the city and I wasn't sure how I would be able to maneuver a double stroller around. I'm happy to say everyone's heels are still intact (at least that I know of) and overall it wasn't bad at all.

We actually did not go into the city on Valentine's Day weekend because of course it was one of the coldest weekends ever. We looked at the extended forecast and saw the following weekend was supposed to be close to the  50's (huge difference) so we decided to wait. I'm really glad we did because it all worked out perfectly.

We decided to drive in instead of taking the train and luckily found on street parking pretty easily. I knew the mural was in the East Village and parking there is a lot easier. We found the anticipated heart wall and of course it gave me all the heart eyes.

We let the nuggets run around, well actually only A at this point, and admire the row of different murals for awhile. Look how small my little loves where! There was a little park around the corner that we stopped off before deciding on where we wanted to eat.

We stopped off at Rosie's for brunch and ended up getting a table outside because it was so nice out. I don't know about you, but every time we find a place that has outdoor seating I'm so much more relaxed and actually have a chance to enjoy my meal. Maybe it's because I'm not as worried about the nuggets being on their best behavior. For some reason outside seating just has a more relaxed feel.

I think last years Valentine's Day is going to be hard to top but we do have something fun up our sleeves this year. We're taking the nuggets to an ice carnival. Yup, an ice carnival. I had no idea something like this even existed, and I have no clue what we're in store for–but it sounds pretty cool. 

I'm also planning on having a special breakfast for the nuggets on Valentine's Day morning before we head out to work and school for the day. I was able to find some cute things at the Target dollar spot. I love when they're on point.

They both have parties that will be going on in their daycare classes so we put together some fun Valentines for their friends. I made these printables for little nugget's gummy bear treats, but I just didn't have time to create my own for A. Thank God for Pinterest and people who are much more creative than I am. I came across these adorable tags for our milk and cookies theme, and I think they will work out just fine.

What I'm really hoping for this Valentine's Day is a night off from cooking and cleaning and just relaxing and enjoying all the hugs, kisses, and love from my little family. If that happens I will be one happy Momma.

I'm so excited for us to be kicking off our monthly girl chat link up. We hope you'll be joining us for some girl time because we all know we could use a little more of that!

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