Watermelon, Ice Cream and Donuts, Please – Custom Sticker Fun

Now that it's officially the last week of February I have all things spring on my mind. I cannot wait for spring colors, warmer weather, and longer days. Can you tell winter isn't exactly my favorite season?

For now incorporating fun things into my surroundings are what help to give me all of the happy vibes. Things like having fresh flowers around the house, fun stationary at work, and bright stickers that I've been guilty of bribing my little ones with. I was so happy to collaborate with StickerApp to customize the perfect stickers for me (c/o StickerApp).

What I love about StickerApp is they have the option to create a sheet of stickers with several different styles or just one if that works for you. Of course I couldn't make up my mind and keep it to just one design – but I was able to narrow it down to some of my favorites.

We also have a few parties coming up and I thought it would be cute to dress up some of the packages with a few of these watermelon and ice cream cone stickers.

I made these stickers with the custom sticker option and used the trendy clipart feature. I then picked the size and quantity I wanted and finished it off with the contour-cut option. You can also upload your own design or image and customize it to how you want.

I'm thinking a watermelon, donut, and ice cream party might have to happen in the near future because these are seriously too cute. A girl needs all the watermelon, ice cream, and donuts she can get – even if it's from stickers :)

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