A Visit To The Liberty Science Center

 Suspended jungle gym

 Giant light bright...can I get one?!

 Every floor had a huge number in the window so of course A had to pose with the three :)

How are we here at Monday already? I feel like we were all just so excited that it was Friday?! I know I said we were going to have a low key weekend and nothing was planned, which was true, but we decided last minute to take the nuggets for a visit to the Liberty Science Center.

I don't know about you but the weather here was not nice this weekend and didn't make any bit of sense. It was 60 something on Saturday but rainy, and then overcast and 30 something yesterday. Spring, let's get it together. 

Ok back to the science center. On our way over both of the nuggets fell asleep, so instead of waking the sleeping beauties and finding out they would wake up acting more like beasts—we decided to drive around and let them nap for awhile. I don't know about your kids (if you have them), but if mine don't get in a good nap, Lord Jesus help us! 

Eric and I found this great lookout right near the science center that had amazing views of NYC. Unfortunately because it was such a gloomy day I feel like we couldn't take it all in, so it's definitely an area I would come back to on a nicer day. 

Thankfully the nuggets got in some good rest and once we stopped off for a snack they were in good spirits. While we were walking around we came across some street art and you know what that means, photo op! 

Once we got to the science center the boys were anxious to run around and have some fun. Since none of us were ever here before we weren't exactly sure what to expect. The first exhibit we made our way to was the giant blocks. They had so much fun here and probably could have just stayed in that area the whole time. Eric helped them construct this huge house that a bunch of other kids made their way over to join in on the fun. That was until someone knocked it down which got A a little upset.

We were off for some more exploring and pretty much didn't sit down until we got back in the car. Half of my pictures aren't amazing because I still have the hardest time with low light and non-stop kids, yeahhh, I'm lucky I even got these. But pictures aside, not everything has to be a perfect captured moment and for us the memories were the important part on our visit.

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