Friday Favorites-First Week of March

Happy Friday, friends! Oh Friday, you're such a beautiful thing. This week seemed to go by really quick but overall it didn't feel too busy. I love when the pace slows down a bit and I can actually relax a little. I got to open a magazine that I've had sitting on my nightstand for over a week, and I got to do my nails. Now that's a success in my book. 

A little reminder that next week our monthly Girl Chat link up will be live on Thursday. This month we'll be talking about a time we felt lucky. I hope you'll join in on the fun and link up with Lizzie, Danielle, Lindsay, Emily and myself. We hope to see you there! 

Weekends are my favorite and this one should be a nice low-key one. My sister and I might try to get together and I'm sure we'll get into some other fun things with the nuggets.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from this week...

1. Brunch: you all know my love for this wonderful meal that I can't seem to get enough of lately. Last week I mentioned two of my best friends were coming up to hang out – which of course involved going out to brunch. The place we decided on was awesome and the food sure was delicious. It was an old farm house that they redid and added on to make it a unique eating experience. Aside from the main dining room area, they left some of the rooms set up like rooms in a house. For instance, we ate in the living room. It ended up working out perfect with the nuggets not having to be stuck in their seats the whole time, and who doesn't enjoy a laid back atmosphere.

It was also such a nice surprise when my friend Judy (Hi Judy, if you read this!) asked me to be a reader in her wedding. I am so happy and so honored to be a part of her special day. She had a little gift for me with a book of all love letters and poems, and of course I immediately started thinking about what I should wear and getting ideas for the perfect reading for their ceremony. 

One of the other things I loved about brunch was an old phone booth that they turned into a photo booth. We had so much fun in this thing. I also loved that they emailed the pictures directly to you so that you could have them digitally.

This picture kind of reminds me of an old school family photo...and I kind of love it. 

2. Park fun: from here on out as long as we have decent weather you will probably see glimpses of my nuggets at the park. Just look how happy they are when they're outside playing. I cannot take how big A is getting. He wanted to try the big boy swing and I secretly wanted to put him back in the baby swing just to try and keep him young forever.

3. Dr. Seuss week: if you follow me on instagram (if not we should probably change that and be friends) then you might have seen my nuggets had Dr. Seuss week at school. Everyday was a different theme and they had a lot of fun with this. I took a picture of them every morning but yesterday little nugget was over it and there was no way I was getting him to smile. I was able to snap (take two) a pic once they got to school but he still gave me a stink face. Since my Friday posts are always per-planned I don't have the picture from this morning. You'll just have to check out my instagram stories for more nugget love :) And yes, in the hat pic that's a hot dog on little nuggets head and A was wearing a pizza.

4. All the spring finds: I was doing really good with not shopping lately but then Old Navy got me with their rockstar jeans sale and everything else being 30%, and then H&M had a one day only coupon – so there, you got me. But, I did realize that I don't have a lot of in-between casual shirts and my flats never really last more than two seasons, so I did get things that I need.

My Old Navy order came super quick and I ended up running over to H&M on my lunch break, so I would consider it a successful shopping week. Here's what I found...I didn't waste any time jumping on the laser cut trend because it's just too cute in my opinion. I'm sure I will be wearing these flats all the time (if you like them hurry, sizes are selling out fast). I mentioned they were having a jean sale so I picked up these and these.

At H&M I picked up this bomber jacket in blush, this striped shirt, this blush colored shirt (I think I'm on the blush trend too), my ugly Christmas sweater for next year which was on major clearance for $5, and the cutest pair of sweat pants that unfortunately I can't seem to find online. I'm sure I'll be taking a pic in them at some point because they will probably become my weekend uniform.
5. Vacation: we're usually really good with planning our vacations and having them set about 6 months or so out, but this year Eric's a part of a big project at his job that kind of threw a monkey wrench in things. We were originally looking at going to either Antigua or Belize but because of the time frame for booking and when we're planning on going, prices are much higher than we wanted to spend. We also found out that Eric will have two more European trips this year for work that I am hoping to tag along on for at least one, if not both. We decided on an island I never really gave much thought to until now and it seemed to tick off everything we were looking for and hoping for in a trip.

The nuggets are at a point where we can still stick them on the beach with a bucket and shovel and they're happy. We want a vacation where we aren't sight seeing the whole time and really just laying on the beach and relaxing. We booked our trip to Curacao and will be traveling in April. I am beyond excited! Give me all the palm trees, Caribbean water, and finally getting this momma a tan. We got an awesome deal through Cheap Caribbean (which we've booked through before) and decided on an all inclusive. I might be part of the minority here, but we love all inclusives – especially with kids. It takes away the hassle of finding a place to eat, the kids get a variety of choices, and oh yeah, one nice little feature...endless drinks ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! As always my link page shows where I'm linking with so many other amazing bloggers today and throughout the week.

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