Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays right behind Christmas. I just love everything about it. From the whole meaning behind it which is everything we believe in, to the nicer weather, all the cute fluffy rabbits, and all the fun that comes along with it.

Over the years I've been sharing what's in my nuggets Easter baskets. I can always tell when people are starting to search for ideas because my baby's first Easter basket and my toddler Easter basket always start to get re-pinned.

Now that I have two toddlers I'm sharing what they'll both be enjoying on Easter morning along with some not so crazy candy overloaded treats.

Looking back at what we've put in their basket I've noticed a trend. I've also realized that we somehow end up going on our family vacation a few weeks after Easter which makes for a great opportunity to add in some vacation treats.

I also went with more of an outdoors theme this year because thankfully both of my nuggets love being outside. There are some nights we will have to pick them up and carry them in the house because they just won't come in. It usually results in a flailing tantrum which our neighbors probably think we are horrible parents as our kids are screaming no mommy, no daddy. Fun times.

Most of these items are from Target's dollar spot (one of the best places ever) so I don't have a direct link and they will probably vary from store to store, but you get the idea. Here's what we have in their baskets this year...

Sidewalk Chalk
Bug Nets
Bug Catchers (I might regret that later)
Mini Garden Tools
Mini Garden Gloves
Organic Seeds—Tomatoes and Cucumbers
Stuffed Animal Friend
Sand Bucket and Shovel
Mirrored Sunglasses
Flip Flops
Swimsuits and New Shorts
Band Aids 
Stonyfield Fruit Snacks
Annie's Organic Granola Bars and Cheddar Bunny Snacks

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