April Showers Bring May Flowers, But What Do May Flowers Bring?

My brother in-law told me this joke and from my title (which is the joke), you can probably tell the answer is pretty obvious (and really corny). For some reason it really cracked me up, ha ha. I used to get annoyed when it would rain because it just always put a damper on things. I know all of the benefits it brings and that we do need the rain. Now that I have kids I will say enjoying the rain takes on a much different meaning. 

It feels like we've been having so much of it lately (duh, why do you think they say April showers), but cute rain boots, umbrellas, rain jackets, and all the puddle jumping can actually be fun. Usually after all of the wet play is done it's a trip to the tub to get scrubba dub clean, because little boys and mud, and sticks, and rocks...well you get the point (just look at little nuggets knees). The nice part about the rain is it sure makes for some great napping weather which is always a beautiful thing. 

Before when it would rain I would usually grab my umbrella and make a mad dash for my car, because you know if you get a little wet you just might melt. I've taken on some rainy day rules for myself that just work out so much better for me. If I don't need to be at work then I am super casual. A basic tee and a pair of jeans, or maybe even yoga pants, work out just fine.

I also have a rule that on rainy or extremely windy days I don't even bother doing my hair, because honestly, what's the point. I've also noticed that when I'm out in the rain playing with the nuggets my boots are never clean and they usually have mud all over them. I guess that's kind of the point though, even though rain boots have really taken on a style category of their own. I also realized that I do not have a cute rain jacket, so if anyone has recommendations for one let me know!

My Rain Boots- old similar (here) | Umbrella-(here) | Tee- (here) | Jeans- (here
The Boys Boots- (here) & (here) | Rain Jacket- (here) | Umbrella- (here

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