Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I wasn't supposed to have off on Friday (boo it should definitely be a given) but my company decided last minute to shutdown our corporate office so I was doing my happy dance when Thursday felt more like a Friday. 

Eric already had off and the nuggets daycare was closed so it turned into a nice family day. We took the morning to reflect on Good Friday and then headed out to check out the cherry blossoms at Branch Brook Park.

We had a picnic lunch, brought some bubbles for the boys, pulled them around in their wagon, and of course had to get some pics admiring the beautiful blooms. I just really wish cherry blossoms stayed around longer. A wasn't feeling the pictures and was on a mission to find bugs and climb trees so I scooped up little nugget and had a few moments with him.

Side note, I'll be sharing more about my dress tomorrow which is one of the most comfortable things I have right now and will probably be living in it all summer. There will be a fun giveaway too!

Saturday we decided to keep it low key and spent the day doing some things around the house and relaxing. Well, kind of relaxing. I never know what I'm going to get with my two nuggets who always keep me on my toes. If you caught my instagram then you might have seen how my morning started. It went a little something like this...
This morning they both work up, but not until 8:30am, and immediately wanted to go outisde. A decided he was on a mission to find worms, and little nugget is still looking for the bunny rabbit we took pics with. We turn our backs for a few seconds only to find little nugget eating birdseed (Lord help me). Then the subject of how does the Easter bunny get his eggs comes up and A thinks he has it all figured...I know mommy, he just poops them out. And yes. they're both still in their pjs and rocking rain boots. 

Easter morning is always such a special morning for us. It's important for us to celebrate and remember Jesus' resurrection. It just so happened to be the week Eric and I usually teach Sunday school. We decided to all go to an earlier service and then stay for the regular service teach we were scheduled to teach for. Overall the kids we had were well behaved but it's usually pretty busy because there are a lot of people that visit for Easter service. 

After church we headed home where we were hosting brunch. My mom and I did a lot of prep over the weekend that it was nice to not have to rush around. The boys enjoyed opening their baskets and between us, grandparents, and my sister, they of course got too much.

We also set up an egg hunt for them in the backyard and told them that the bunny came by while we were eating. This made A feel like his bunny/egg theory was even more on point because of course he just pooped them out in the backyard lol. After they heard about the hunt, they were so anxious to run outside to get the eggs we didn't realize until after they were done that little nugget had his shoes on the wrong feet. Now it makes sense why the poor kid was walking around weird.

We had to sneak in some family pictures but of course the boys would have rather been running around and playing, who can blame them. But we pulled off a few cute ones. It was great to spend time with family but the holidays always feel like they go by in a blink and you never have as much time together as you would like.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm linking up with Biana today for all her weekending fun. 

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